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An Entrepreneur's Guide to Social Media Marketing

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Social Media Marketing

Wednesday May 15, 2019,

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Social Media

Entrepreneurship and Startups are thriving to create their presence in the corporate industry. Very few people out there are happy with their jobs. Every now and then they think of quitting their 9-5 monotonous job and follow their passion and dreams. Thanks to our introduction to the word “Entrepreneur” that almost every aspiring mind thinks of becoming one.

It seems interesting especially when we have a lot of success stories around, but it’s not at all a cake walk. It takes a unique idea, good strategies, their good execution with a hell lot of hard work and determination to become a successful entrepreneur.

Well, the idea is a child of your creative brain but strategy and planning are something on which one must need guidance. Besides the business blueprint and financial planning, there is an important key for the success of any business and i.e. Marketing. While we live in the era of technology, are equipped with smart devices and spend ample time on social media, it is not wrong to say that our devices have our eyeballs. And as per the basic marketing rule, you promote where you get most eyeballs.

The hook here is, to ditch the traditional marketing and focus more on Social Media Marketing. Now, the question popping in your head is how to create effective strategies for SMM. Take a breath and relax because we have got you the best tips and tricks to guide you well through Social Media Marketing.

  • Create a content plan

Content is the king of social media marketing. While writing the content, you must keep two things in mind, i.e. what type of content you create and how you promote that. Content can be promotional or your own information, but it has to be engaging. Once done with creating good content, reach your personal network (friends, relatives, and acquaintances). Ask them to re-post, share and retweet to their own personal networks to start growing your network.

In the initial days, regularly posting on social media might seem exciting however with the passage of time it becomes boring. But no matter what you have to be regular in and swear to follow it.

  • Post at a strategic time 

As it is said-quality matters than quantity. Same goes with the content, the quality of posts is important and should keep your customers hooked. Posting N number of times on Facebook or Instagram in a given day may irritate your followers, so it is advised to post only twice or thrice in a day. Also, the timing should be right. It is recommended to post during strategic times, means when most of the customers would be busy browsing their respective social media accounts.

If you want more engagement from customers, ensure that the posts are engaging enough that triggers in them to click “like” or “comment” tab. You can also ask them to share your post if you want to increase your number of followers. Facebook’s news-feed intelligence works on the basic rule of higher interaction = higher visibility. You can also buy Facebook followers from the websites like FBskip.

  • Competitor analysis 

Competitor analysis is very important for any business. While thoroughly carrying out social media marketing, ensure to keep track of the number of followers your competitors have, the type of posts they publish and so on? Know whether your competitor receives a lot of customer complaints or review or feedback. Take notes of all these segments and make sure that you provide the best of the best customer centric services on social media. You can even analyze what good practices they are following that makes the customer happy.

  • Understanding your customers better 

The most amazing thing about online marketing is that it is measurable. You can analyze every little thing going on your social platform. You can instantly measure your visitors’ age, gender, time of visit, location and so on.

The advantage of this feature is that it can help you know, where more money is. Which type of people is liking which post? People from which city are commenting more so that you can target that particular group and location. Facebook pages give you insights on how many people “liked” or commented on a post. This tells you which information is popular. Marketing is both art and science. So, always keep the check on your numbers and strategize accordingly.

Final Words

These were just some basic tips to keep in mind and follow diligently. SEM is not confined to these only, there exists a deep ocean of learning. It is important for you to carve your own space as you are not the only fish in the pond.