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Are You Working With A SEO Company That Sucks? Here’s How to Find Out

SEO is the source of your online success, and so many of you often call for a firm that provides SEO services. Let’s continue discussing these signs here of a toxic SEO company.

Are You Working With A SEO Company That Sucks? Here’s How to Find Out

Wednesday January 23, 2019,

3 min Read



SEO is the source of your online success, and so many of you often call for a firm that provides SEO services. It is true that a company can’t handle every aspect of digital marketing and so they typically outsource the online marketing work especially if they do not have a SEO team.

There are signs by which you can recognize and decide whether you should proceed further with a firm or not. Let’s look into signs of a toxic SEO company.

#1 Not Communicating Properly

The first sign of a dodgy company that sucks in SEO is lack of communication. Improper communication takes place because the firm does not have any reports to show. They make most of the decisions and apply techniques without even informing you. Everyone understands that experts know the best but experts also give you a track report of each activity before implementing them. Therefore, if a company is not showing you proper reports or there is a lack of interest in delivering that excel, you should stay away.

#2 Showing Overconfidence

Companies often make promises that sound too good, and they claim that they understand the algorithms very well. So, if any SEO company in Ottawa shows you overconfidence or makes promises that are too good to be true, then it is a warning.

Achieving online reputation in a few months is not possible, and no SEO firm can do it with fair tactics. It is a long-term task, and you need to understand this.

#3 Using Dead Techniques

Using Dead Techniques

If you ever hear a company applying techniques as Bulk Directory Listings, Link Wheels, Web 2.0 links, Blog Commenting, then it is a warning to stop the operation right now.

These are all terrible SEO tactics that used to be in existence but not anymore as they bring awful results and take all your rankings down. Always ask the company for their tactics and only then assign them the project. Any company that uses these old-school tactics has no knowledge of the market.

#4 Focusing on Keywords Rather Than Readability

For online marketing in Ottawa, you need to hire a company that understands that it is not all about keywords. If a company believes in bringing up the ranking using keyword stuffing, then it is a clear sign of lack of knowledge. That is why before hiring, it is important to clear your queries and ask them that what their writing principle is and if it is readers or search engines they write for.

So What Is The Ultimate Solution?

SEO Firm

Well, mistakes happen, but they let us understand things better. You can’t do anything other than canceling the contract, but you can make a better selection next time. Make sure the SEO firm understands your goals and ask for their complete plan on achieving it. Just make sure you do not find any of these signs in their working methods.