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How a decision changed my life – things happen if you dare to dare!

Things happen if you dream but they also happen on their own. Imagecourt happened

Friday June 16, 2017,

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There are things that are planned and then there are things that are not planned but just happen. Today I am going to share with you, my story and how we stumbled upon the idea of creating a stock photography website and get into the business of online digital marketing of photograph. Let me tell you on the onset that I am no photographer or a photography buff. I am just like you all who click pictures with their mobile phones and post it on the Facebook.

Indeed somewhere in my mind, I had this idea of getting into a business as my family life was taking a hit due to my long hours in my job and my son who is two years old would miss me all the time. I would get impatient by the time watch struck six and would rush home to see my son waiting for me with my mom in the verandah. I made up my mind that enough was enough and I would leave the job and start something of my own.

It happened one day that I met Gyaneshwar, an old colleague, and acquaintance who I had worked for a few months in a project. He is into photography and is an old hat in media. He told me that he was thinking about doing something big but didn’t know what. We chatted and he asked me if there was something wrong. I told him my story – dilemma of a mom, to balance career with family life. He told me there was a way and if I was really serious we could start a website that would sell images and video footage.

I was amused but then I had a skeptical mind. I said that is not happening. I told him point blank, “You know nothing about the websites and I know nothing about the photography”. “Precisely”, he said that is why it is happening. We complement each other so well. I went home and discussed it with my family. They indeed liked the idea but there was risk involved. After all leaving a good paying job is not easy. Then I thought of my son and took a decision. The decision that changed my life.

Thereafter we set up a small office in my drawing room and started working on the project and named it Imagecourt (after all it began in my courtyard!). Precisely in three months imagecourt.com was born and then it started happening and the money started trickling in. I could not believe that in just six months we had established a company that too with almost no money and no office! As they say, there are things that happen even if you don’t plan them. Imagecourt.com is one such venture that had to happen.

I still work eight to ten hours a day and take care of the promotion and design aspects of the site while my partner Gyaneshwar gets the pictures he clicks with his camera. We are now inviting other photographers as well to share their work on our platform. Indian images are our forte. We are soon going to be one of the biggest stock photo companies in the country and who knows in the world!