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Why India needs great educational institutes?

Wednesday August 16, 2017,

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In the last decade, Indian educational system has seen a remarkable growth. While most of the other countries in the world are experiencing a serious downfall in terms of the admission rate of international students, India is progressing. The Indian higher education system is predicted to witness an unprecedented transformation in the coming decade.

There are a bunch of factors which are driving this transformation and, economy & demographic changes are prominent contributors. By the year 2020, India will be the third largest economy in the world. Currently, over 50% of India’s population is under 25 years old, which is why the higher education system in the country is building up at such a rapid pace. This upsurge has been attracting a lot of international students to India. This article discusses why institutions like Symbiosis University, which is an International university in India, are crucial to keep this rate up.

For Bridging the gap:

India has a low rate of enrollment in higher education which is only at 18%. As compared to China who is at 26% and Brazil which is leading at 36%, India still has an enormous unmet demand for higher education. The Indian government has planned to achieve 30% gross enrollment by the year 2020. So there is a need of excellent educational institutions who can handle such a massive intake and educate them.

For improving the education quality:

Even though the Indian education system is improving rapidly & is already better than a lot of other countries in the world, low quality of teaching and learning is still a problem. The system is beset by issues of quality and a chronic shortage of faculty. To improve the poor quality of teaching and get rid of the outdated rigid curricula & pedagogy, institutes like Symbiosis College of International Education are very important.

For innovative education:

The level of enrollment of PhD candidates in India has certainly been on the lower side. As a result of that, India does not have enough high quality researchers which consequently interrupts the opportunities for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary working. It casts a negative impact as the international employment opportunities are also constrained due to that. Only the colleges of an acclaimed status can guarantee the continuation of global innovation in the field of education.

For boosting growth opportunities:

Uneven growth and access to promising career opportunities had been a problem in the past of Indian education. Albeit, that picture is changing now! Indian education system can only keep improving if its educational institute keep reinventing the field. Globalization has changes the horizons of being a citizen of the world & to be a good citizen, one needs to be correctly educated. 

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