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Top B2B Websites to Help your Business Grow Internationally

Learn about the top B2B platforms of the world.

Top B2B Websites to Help your Business Grow Internationally

Wednesday January 22, 2020,

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The concept of wholesale B2B websites is prevailing today. International buyers and traders are actively shifting towards the digital channels instead of replying solely on traditional practices. Top B2B Websites are the especially designed online platform for businesses, buyers, and sellers to connect and carry out wholesale trade operations successfully. The B2B industry has changed a lot in the last few years. Shifting all operations from traditional trade to the modern online channels. Not only B2B Websites have become time-effective and cost-effective but also offers safe communication and payment methods.  

E Commerce is big business and giants like Alibaba or Tradewheel.com have made the fact official. B2B platforms is not a new concept anymore. This means there are several top B2B websites to choose from. In fact, the fragmented nature the industry indicates towards a multitude of platforms operating to facilitate the corporate trade operations. In picking the right one as per your needs, we are here to help:

If you want to find the 10 Top B2B Websites for Your Business then go through the list below:


Alibaba, already a very well-known online B2B websites, is now offering online money transfers, online auction hosting, mobile commerce, etc. you can register to the website for free and post up to 50 products as a free member. Operating from China, it is a multi-language platform that supports Japanese, Italian, Polski, Deutsch, and of course English. The website was established around 20 years ago in 1999. In such a short time it has become a B2B giant, the most well-known online website for trade.

Pros: Easy to navigate, Affordable Packages

Cons: Highly saturated, high competition


Trusted online trading B2B platform that is used by all the famous and well-known businesses as their dedicated B2B solution, Tradewheel.com has created a positive reputation for itself in the wholesale industry. This top B2B website serves more than 750,000 registered global users and assists them in expanding their businesses internationally. It promotes transparency and quality among the traders. It is a powerful online marketplace powering millions of businesses worldwide. They have a perfect track record that is hard to argue against.

Pros: Fast Interface, Good Customer Support, Affordable Packages

Cons: Doesn't support B2C trade

Made In China:

Made in China is a globally recognized e Commerce B2B websites with the latest products and information on hand. As the name suggests, it only accommodates Chinese or Taiwan manufacturers and suppliers. The B2B platform was developed by Focus Technology Co., Ltd. It is one of the best place to source electronic products. You can match your requirements with their offering.

Pros: Vast Product Range

Cons: Not Cheap, Only Chinese Manufacturers

Global Sources:

Global Sources is open source e Commerce B2B website, based in Hong Kong that enables high level of customization. Here you can enjoy a selection of high- quality products made by well-known manufacturers. The variety available here matchless. It is quite an old online B2B player, founded in 1971. What makes this platform unique from others is that this platform verifies the quality of the manufacturer, this feature is offered by only a handful of other websites.

Pros: Good Functionality, Comprehensive B2B Solution

Cons: Iffy Support, hard to navigate


As can be understood by the name, TradeIndia is an Indian e-commerce B2B platform with its head office in New Delhi. Currently the B2B website is said to be having over 3 million users. It is the ultimate platform for Indian manufacturers to exhibit and sell their products in front of the global audience. It is a diverse marketplace that caters to a vast number of industries, having over 12,000 product categories and subcategories. Trade India is also known for organizing events.

Pros: Solid Customer Support, High Visibility

Cons: Not Pocket Friendly, Complex Customization

Build your Brand with Top B2B platforms of the world:

The competition in top B2B websites industry is high. New businesses are entering the B2B world every day, in the midst of this chaos it is necessary to stay ahead of your competition. The right B2B websites can help you immensely in finding the right customers, international buyers or products necessary for your business growth. The Top B2B websites list we have provided will help you pick the right B2B e Commerce marketplace.