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What exactly is an ERP software & what it shall do for your business?

This article gives you a brief knowledge on What  An ERP Software is & What It Shall Do For Your Business?  Also, it states the important factors to consider while choosing an Enterprise Resource Planning.

What exactly is an ERP software & what it shall do for your business?

Monday July 02, 2018,

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The title of this article is not just a title, it is a doubt which stays in the majority of small business out there. So, in this article, I shall describe you with the relevant pieces of information which shall clear your doubtful mind.

ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

Let me begin by saying that 'It is really sad to know that many of the small businesses are still in a vague belief against ERP software systems.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

It was in the year 1990 when an Enterprise Resource Planning Software was abbreviated as the term ERP software. So, it is evidently clear that ERP software was far before established into the Business world. An ERP software is an integrated software solution which resolves almost every issue across your organization. These days businesses are finding new possibilities to grow with utilising the least amount of resources they are having. Thus, it has been tough for the business to still-stand in this competitive business world, it was required to have a fully-fledged software system. One which could take care of all your business functions and which will help you stay competitive.

Hence, they had found solutions for these businesses to stay strong and lift up their head in this competitive era. The ERP software stays as a solution now and then. A business software can undoubtedly say to be efficient if it still stays the best in the market even after 3 decades.

Therefore, every business inevitably needs an efficient ERP software to grow their business to greater heights. Just come to know which business process of your business needs to be automated. Then select a reliable ERP solution, and what are the modules you will be requiring. Then find an experienced ERP vendor who will do all the necessary customizations to the ERP software for your business.

Choosing An ERP Implementer

Make sure the ERP Implementer you choose is well experienced in the ERP implementation as of your business industry.The year of experience the ERP implementer has is to be considered seriously. These considerations shall smoothen your ERP implementation process.The ERP support is another factor which you have to keep in your mind before choosing any ERP Implementer.The ERP implementation is a one time process, but it is the software which has to serve you for the years to come.So, always make sure the support team of the team you choose is strong and capable enough to resolve any kind of issue that arise along the run.

Open Source ERP Software

I always suggest you entrust with an Open source ERP software. There are many advantages that you should roll your eyes on. Below are some of the highlighted points of how an Open source ERP software solution can become an advantage for your business.

Here's how it become an added benefit for your businesses:

  • No need to worry about the high licence cost
  • It has all the features & modules as that of top paid software
  • It is absolutely free
  • It is easy for you to understand

These are the main things to be considered and there are many advantages when you choose an Open source ERP software. The main advantage for the businesses is they don't have to pay a high licencing cost as an Open source ERP software is completely free and only a small customization is required to streamline your work process.

Customizations of these Open source ERP software are comparatively easy for you to understand.

This is not only a money saver for you, it helps in saving a lot of time in studying this business software. So, I strongly recommend you to know the requirements your business may require perfectly. Then you can easily trace out the appropriate ERP vendor who may help you out throughout the partnering.

ERP Package you want to choose

Always choose your ERP package wisely. Determine the cost of implementation and what includes in the particular ERP package you choose. Make a comparison with what other ERP vendors provide for the same cost that you are spending upon. Proper research of these facts will help you acquire a reliable ERP vendor who provides trustworthy ERP customizations. First of all, know what exactly your business requires to streamline its processes. Then get this done through tailored ERP customizations from a reliable ERP software vendor. Choosing a right ERP package for your business will help you to increase the overall efficiency of your business proceedings.

Know what modules you will need for your business

There are a wide variety of ERP modules which fits into different departments. These modules are the ones you should choose in order to customize it according to the requirement you need.

These are some of the highlighted modules in an ERP software:

  • Manufacturing ERP
  • HR & Payroll
  • CRM Software
  • POS & Retail
  • Logistic Management
  • Accounting & Finances
  • Restaurant Management
  • Job Contracting & Project Costing
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Sales & Distribution

These are the most common modules in an ERP software which is commonly used to automate certain departments of an organization. But these common modules can be customized accordingly to deliver the maximum potential for their particular business requirement. So I repeat, choose your ERP package wisely. An ERP software is an Integral & Inevitable part of any business that thrives to have a rapid growth. And it is likely to see any growth in the business who don't rely upon an ERP software.

Ensure ERP Training

Just imagine getting a new ERP software without any proper training from the authorities. You should be making sure that your ERP solution provider will provide your staff with the necessary training.

Your business could be in total disarray if your employees don't get the sufficient training to do their job with this new software. So, it is necessary to check with the Training & Support team before choosing any ERP vendor for your ERP implementation. Make sure these Doubts are cleared right away at the time of ERP training. Also, these doubts may arise in the future. So, it is necessary to choose an efficient ERP vendor with assured ERP Training & ERP Support.


Things to keep in mind while choosing an ERP and ERP vendor has been stated in between this articles. Now I guess you might have got cleared somewhat on what an ERP software shall do to your business.

If this article has given some of the facts that you should be known on an ERP software, comment below.

ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry