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15 most famous web screen scraping tools

15 most famous web screen scraping tools

Thursday May 10, 2018,

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Web mining or content mining tools are designed to identify and discover the patterns of large datasets. They not only help scrape a huge number of websites but also provide us with accurate and authentic data. Having the right tools for web content mining will help you improve the search engine ranking of your site.

Here is a comprehensive list of 30 best tools for web content mining.

1.AMI Enterprise Intelligence

AMI Enterprise Intelligence is a powerful software that searches, stores, analyses and collects the data from different websites.


Bixolabs has been around for quite some time. It is a flexible and fantastic web content mining platform that is built on Amazon's cloud (EC2) and has plenty of options to get benefited from.



Crawlera is a famous IP rotator and web extractor that not only extracts useful data for you but also lets bots crawl complex websites properly.

4.Darcy Ripper

Darcy Ripper is a powerful, Javascript-based web crawler and content mining platform with loads of capabilities. It performs its functions rapidly and is best known for its GUI system that helps download web content easily.


Extractive can transform the unstructured data into structured and semantic information within a matter of seconds.


Ficstar is a robust web extraction and data management program suitable for small and large-size businesses.


FMiner is a visual web scraping tool that allows us to extract both text and images. It acts as a powerful visual scraping software and comes in both free and premium versions.

8.Helium Scraper

Helium Scraper is one of the most powerful web content mining programs; it is set up to extract data from heavy websites, and you just have to highlight the information you want to mine or extract.


Import.io is an easy and amazing way to import and download web data. It is a free program and can be used both by developers and webmasters.


iWebScraping is a useful web scraper and data mining service. It scrapes data from large directories, yellow pages, eBay, Amazon and Google Maps.

11.Metafy Anthracite Web Mining Software

This web mining software visually constructs spiders and scrapes your website without any need of codes. It requires MacOS X 10.4 or any other advanced version to get the things done properly.

12.PDF Online Data Extraction Software

Data from the PDF files can be extracted using this powerful program, and it comes in the free version.

13.Scrapy Cloud

Scrapy Cloud crawls billions of web pages every month and offers the free plan.

14.Screen Scraper

Screen Scraper lets you scrape both unstructured and structured data and formats. It saves your data for instant download.


TheWebMiner is a custom web scraping service that helps you extract or mine content of different news outlets and private blogs.

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