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Tips on how to create a high-quality mobile apps

Tips on how to create a high-quality mobile apps

Wednesday January 31, 2018,

5 min Read

When going for a mobile development, whether it is for Android or iOS, you must make sure that the app does not lack the quality. It is a universal fact that the number of mobile users is gradually increasing than those who use the web for browsing. Mobile technology is one such technology that would help to fill the bridge of the financial problems found across the globe.


While looking for the development of this technology, you will find the application for each and everything these days. From silly games to the games that monitor your heartbeat, or organize your to-do list or any other requirement. With an advancement in technology, smartphones and tablets outsell computers by over three times and it keeps on increasing with time.

Here, are some tips that which you can keep in mind while developing an application, for creating a high-quality mobile application.

Know Your Target Platforms

For a business app, this might be the most basic thing you may require for a high-quality mobile app development. First of all, check the devices used by the targeted customers of your business. Unless you target the operating systems used on a daily basis, you won't be able to fill the gap between behavioral and visual similarities and differences.

You simply check out the iOS guidelines as well as the Android guidelines. When you read them entirely, you will get to know more than enough about both the platforms and will lead you to better user-interfaces, learn what things should be searched for Titanium API. Once you know the platform of your audience, simply make it your decision and go for it.

Think About “Web Source”

As we majorly go for cross-platform apps, it is recommended to build your code that can be abstracted completely, similar to that of a web service. You need to try to make the programming logic independent from the screens so that the programming modules are reusable across all the platforms. Post this, build the native user interfaces that consume local web services. You just need to make sure if the flow is done separately and independently.

Basically, a mental shift is worth the effort, web service is not the thing you require always, you need to think about mobile applications as well.

Make Your Layout For Content Ready

For any kind of mobile app, it is the biggest necessity that the content should perfectly fall into the layout. This will avoid users from scrolling left or right. You should have the layout of the content perfectly ready with the best possible clarity and in-depth information. Also, keep in mind that the layout should be in fluid and intuitive. Avoid the shabby structures and make the design clean and attractive.

When it comes to content, the font size is also a very important aspect, as the users will leave, if they have to zoom out each and everything on your application to read. Not only size, but the color is also a factor that matters. Make sure that the layout is supportive properly on every version of the operating systems available out there.

Don’t Miss To Take Advantage Of Latest Features

If you are launching a business app, make sure that your application should not be outdated. It should be easily updatable and contain the most recent features in the application. Being a developer it is a challenging task to stay up to date with the latest changes and keep up with the advances in various platforms. But, if you overcome this challenge, you are likely to experience highest possible growth of your business through the mobile application. Once the application is ready, test it often using the client device SDKs to make sure that it works perfectly well on the clients’ devices.

Plan For Offline Use As Well

There are very few mobile apps on the market that works even when the device is offline. The best ones are those which boast a decent functionality offline. So, if not at the time of launch, at least plan for it in the near future. Make sure your data is stored in the local storage and can also be restored when the app gets opened later on. If you are going for this, make sure to sync the changes so as to provide the best online/offline experience to the customers. Letting customers use the app offline can make the customers as your loyal ones as they can access the app even without the internet connection.

Test Often

Designing and developing an application may not always be perfect at first place. So, as in the web service, mobile app development also requires testing to be done on a regular basis. Even after the completion of the application totally, make sure it is completely tested twice or thrice and at the end, there is no bug in the entire app.

Use these tips to make the high-quality mobile app and earn the most with the best quality.