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Make Fitness Your Habit To Get A Healthy Routine Life

Live a healthy lifestyle by adjusting your daily routine.. 

Make Fitness Your Habit To Get A Healthy Routine Life

Monday February 12, 2018,

5 min Read

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle you need to change your daily routine. A routine that involves unhealthy eating habits and no workouts. Sometimes it gets quite complicated and confusing to gain muscles and to stay fit at the same time. It is difficult as one has to follow the two-prolonged approach to turn into big and ripped. 

This issue is universal for the bodybuilders and athletes, as they are required to eat more along with their training process and furthermore they have to go through the cutting phase i.e., fat-burning and restricting calories. Today, due to awareness of exercise and its positive result has motivated everyone to turn towards gyms or other forms of exercises as well.


Here during this phase of gaining muscles what you eat in your everyday life plays a vital role. Suppose if you are loading yourself with omega-6 vegetable oil, sugar, and unnecessary fats then it means you are directly pushing yourself towards physical and mental instability. The concept of just eat, eat and eat will absolutely fail here.

Here mentioning three traditional phases and fundamental resource for gym goers to be followed in order to maintain body composition -

The first phase is clean bulking - focus on eating quality food which contains a surplus of calories, adequate amount of proteins, sufficient fat, and high carbohydrates. With the intake of all these, you can surely see following differences - maximizing muscle protein and body will support high volume training as well.

The second phase is cutting - focus on reducing body fat. This can be done doing a high volume of training to create a calorie deficit.

The final phase is the maintenance also known as transition or primer phase. This phase helps you to retain muscle built during the bulking process. This process is advised to be followed at the end because at this time both calories and training volume are at their peak and the body can easily adapt its new and normal structure.

Basic types of exercises for everyone -

Aerobic – One of the fun-filled exercises; as it is performed to music and mostly along with groups led by an instructor. This exercise typically involves all elements of fitness such as muscular strength, cardiovascular, stretching and flexibility. It is also known as cardio exercise. It includes running, swimming and dancing.

Yoga – With its origin in pre-Vedic Indian traditions, yoga is not only an exercise but an ideology as well. It promotes the physical, spiritual and mental development of the body. It has shown wonders in many cases where science failed. Some of the famous yoga’s are Hath yoga, Ashtanga yoga and hot yoga.

Benefits of exercise –

Exercise decreases feelings of depression by regulating the part of the brain that regulates stress and anxiety. Regular physical activity keeps a person happier, relaxed and delivers sound sleep.

Exercise and using machines like Elliptical Home help in maintaining and building strong muscles and bones. It also acts as an energy booster for healthy as well for those who are suffering from any medical illness or syndrome.

Regular exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases and chronic pains. It also strengthens the cardiovascular system which in turn promotes a better and successful sex life.

Supplements for a fit body -

Many gym goers or athletes run into a dilemma whether to intake additional supplements or not. Actually, supplements for building muscles are not essential and also not recommended. Whereas, there are some supplements that are required to be consumed for gaining muscles.

Few Common Supplements Are:

Dianabol: It is an anabolic steroid introduced by Dr. John Ziegler during amid 1950’s as an answer to the Soviet use of testosterone by Olympic athletes. It was the first oral steroid to be sold on the prescription market and showed result beyond expectations.

The entire regime of building muscles is tedious and most of the time results in frustration. Therefore, there is a requirement for one such product which is trusted and does not have any serious side-effects. Dianabol is one such supplement which has been used and recommended by many successful athletes. And one of them is bodybuilding icon, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Benefits: An increase of free testosterone, protein synthesis, glycogenolysis, and on the other hand it reduces fatigue and speeds recovery by enhancing metabolic activity. It takes about 2 weeks to see the changes and your hard work and patience will pay you back with godlike gains.

Nutralyfe Garcinia: This is a great natural supplement used for weight loss. This was formulated in USA - FDA/GNP certified laboratory. This weight loss solution supplement was the discovery of Dr. Siddharath Kumail.

Benefits: Weight loss, reduces joint pain, fights against Diarrhoea, increase bowel movements, helps to treat worms and parasites.

A regular workout regime will not cut more than 30 – 40 minutes from your daily life and in return will gift you a healthy and happy life with a long lifespan as well. So stop making excuses and jump yourself in the world fitness and see the remarkable difference in your body and lifestyle.