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About Pielabz bringing Practicality in Education

What and How we do at Pielabz.

Tuesday December 13, 2016,

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Website: www.pielabz.com

What do we do?

1) We are a Start-up in Education sector and we call ourselves PIELABZ.

2) PIE in PIELABZ stand for Practicality in Education. We aim to educate students not only theoretically but also impart Practical Education.

3) We tie-up with Schools (who teach curriculum based theoretical concepts to students) and help students understand concepts Practically(hands-on).

4) We also cater to activity based extracurricular Practical Education where we teach students Robotics, Aeromodelling.

5) We also help Schools set up Innovation Labz which can also be called as Mini-Technological Museums.

How do we do?

1) We have designed a set of 150 experiments for classes between Std 1 and Std 10 which is also in line with their prescribed curriculum.

2) Most of the experiments have a model which the students have to build using which they will be in a better position to understand the concepts taught.

3) We get all the required materials needed to realize the models we intend to teach the students.

Eg : If the concept is Electricity and Circuits, we give students materials like Bulb, Bulb Holder, Wires, Switch, Battery holder, Battery using which students build circuit & understand concepts like Open/Closed circuits.

4) A tutor from Pielabz will brush up the concepts and help all the students make their respective models.

5) Our USP is that we allow the students to carry their models home which will enhance their creative thinking.

Eg : Taking the above example students will take the given materials and also try different combinations to understand Series and Parallel connections.

6) As a part of Robotics and Aeromodelling we have Beginners and Advanced courses to offer where students will be exposed to design,fabrication and real time applications and also build them.

7) As a part of Innovation Labz we select a list of experiments whose life sized models can be kept for display which students can visit and build upon adding more experiments.

Eg : Solar panels and its working, Magnets and its properties, Electricity and its uses to make Electromagnets.


1) Mandeep Kumar.T.K –

An Engineer and the vision behind the company. Mandeep is in the Education space from the past 6 years and his vast experience helps us in designing the experiments.

He expertises in Robotics and being the Co-founder of Pielabz is the backbone for Sales and Innovation.

2) Prashanth.B.T –

An Engineer and an successful teacher for all the UPSC aspirants. He himself having cleared the Prelims and Mains twice has mastered the methodology of teaching students according to need.

He expertises in Practical Education and being the co-founder of Pielabz is the Director for Training at Pielabz and also backbone for Marketing and content creation.

3) Sree Kumar.C.R-

An Engineer who represented Team Drone - India in an International competition called SAE Aerodesign 2009 and won 3rd place amongst 65 teams from 10 different countries.

He also has 6 years of experience and quit the job as a Team Lead from Accenture to continue his passion towards teaching.

He expertises in Aeromodelling. With his corporate experience he handles the Operations, Planning and Team management.

4) We have additional 3 tutors who help us deliver Practical Science classes to schools.

Our Stats(So far)-

1) Pielabz being only an year old is currently catering to 15 schools in Bangalore.

2) Pielabz has catered to around 5000 students and on an average each student gets to interact with us once in 2 weeks.

3) Around 25000 models taken home by students.

4) Expected turnaround - 300000 for the year 2015-2016.


1) Targeting to expand it to 40 schools for the next year.

2) 10000 students at least will be benefitted from our program next year.