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The story of Coupons.in, a Hyderabad startup using analytics to deliver amazing deals

A promotional website that offers free deals to online shoppers.

The story of Coupons.in, a Hyderabad startup using analytics to deliver amazing deals

Tuesday January 10, 2017,

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Mr.Pola, Founder of <a href=

Mr.Pola, Founder of

Coupons.in" alt="Mr.Pola, Founder of Coupons.in" />

Coupons are not new to India, but are slowly disrupting the way people find value-for-money-deals online. Will it be fair to say that we Indian's seek value when we dish out money for products and services (especially online)?

If we look at the current ecommerce market in India, there are 4 main categories who sell products and services online

● Labels/brands/providers (Zara, Uber, Ola etc)

● Marketplaces (Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc)

● Designers

● Wholesalers/Retailers

Almost all of them offer deals or discounts to lure traffic to their sites. And the Indian government is really upset about discount-led selling. However, the incumbents have found out loopholes to still drive traffic and sell via offers, coupons, and discounts (especially during Diwali, Christmas, and New Year).

One way for people to discover deals is to visit brand sites individually (there is no such thing as brand loyalty in India ecommerce, yet). Truth be told, this is extremely laborious. As a result, this leaves out scores of brands and ecommerce sites out of contention due to the sheer number of destinations selling stuff.

Where does Coupons.in fit in?

This is where coupon sites are creating a niche market to sort of, level the playing field for brands via value driven deals. Coupon destinations have become rock solid online directories on the B2B side, and a bookmark-worthy platform containing deals for every product and service on the B2C side. This is the raison d'être for Coupons.in.

Coupons.in is based out of Hyderabad and was founded in July 2013,. It has transformed online shopping since its inception.

“We have built a robust, scalable Deals Search Engine to help the B2B and B2C sectors. We have built a solid platform and we host lakhs of deals under major ecommerce categories one can point a finger at.” says Sai Pola, Coupons.in

Our statistics speaks a lot

● 200+ major online brands

● 2 million plus visits

● 10,56,895 deals delivered

● 10,000+ coupons delivered

We are a 30 member team who works on validating and updating deals every day The team is headed by Sai Pola, the founder and Sai Charan Reddy, the product head. We bring together expertise in ecommerce, affiliate and digital marketing. The team plan on making online purchasing more valuable for people.

An amount of 1 million dollars was raised through Angel investors . The fund have been used for future strategic roll-outs and also to hire and nurture a pool of talented resources.

Why we are a different proposition to B2B and B2C segments in the digital coupons industry?

We differentiate ourselves with big data. We crunch a lot of numbers for each deal and coupon availed. This analysis allows us to promote and present relevant deals to our visitors. At the backend, the same analysis helps brands on our list to promote the right kind of deal. We are minimalistic right from the brand logo to delivery of deals.