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What should I do if there is duplicate content on your site?

Wednesday August 30, 2017,

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Duplicated content is a common problem. Often in the description of goods and services on different sites you can find the same phrases, whole sentences and even texts. This is inevitable, especially in highly competitive niches (for example, plastic windows or real estate services). A logical question arises: "Will Google punish my site for duplicate content?" Simply and unequivocally answer: yes Google and other search engines want from the site is really unique content. If there are duplicate content on the page, Google will first look for the source. And only the source will gain the confidence of the search engine. Google "believes" that duplicate content can be used to manipulate the search engine and raise ratings in the issuance, to deceive users. And the site will inevitably rank worse. And more - it can be completely removed from the search results ". What can be affected by duplicate content? Each page of the site should be optimized using unique content.