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Scope with Website and iOS Development

Career Benefits in Website and iOS Development.

Scope with Website and iOS Development

Friday September 06, 2019,

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The art of developing mobile and web applications has always been fascinating among developers and the end users as well. In a world dominated by digital communication, mobile application development or web applications development are a necessity to operate a business. The need of hour is -quicker delivery cycles, optimised performance levels of an application and of course a secured framework to make sure financial transactions are at bay from malicious attacks. 

The point arises as which operating system suits the intended purpose and efficiently delivers expectations. There’s a lot of debate going on regarding the choice of a better platform – operating system. Choice of a platform differs from the perspective of an end user and a developer. 

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

The two major operating systems that are much talked about these days are Android and iOS. Hence choosing an operating system involves deciding upon few things such as user friendly interface, availability of applications or gaming solutions and so on. Major dominants in the market are mobile applications and website solutions. 

Talking about choice of career in website or iOS development, such a career is expected to grow by 27% and currently has an estimated median salary of $60,000 as per reports by U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics. 

Website development - a career worth a thought: 

Amongst the vast range of technologies for mobile app or website development, a developer must be highly skilled in a specific domain whether its iOS or Android. The market is filled with demands for skilled people who have acquired knowledge over the years and owns the right acumen of applying strategies to a development project. Hybrid applications are in vogue today as they come wrapped within a container, that is, a composite structure of functionalities that performs diverse functions. 

Web development is mostly based on hybrid app frameworks that has successfully bridged the gap between native and web app. For instance, a native app is written in a particular framework say, iOS - be it Objective or Swift, coupled with a web application which is usually written in web scripting languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Website Development:

There are a number of website development methodologies in terms of the target audience it is being developed for, the operating system it shall operate upon and so on. We would like throw some light on the various dimensions that need to be considered while choosing the right path for website development. 

Programming languages:


  • One of the most sought after programming language among developers. Python says it in a very simple way in terms of readability, a learner need not know much about programming basics as they can create a lot more with only few lines of code. Therefore as a programming language it is clearer, less complex and lesser lines of code is required.
  • Python is compatible with programming languages such as Perl, JavaScript, Ruby and C #. 
  • Python is here to beat the most popular languages such as PHP, C++ and so on. 
  • Python has a wide range of platforms for development, namely, Django, Flask, Tornado being some of them that makes writing cleaner code rather than getting involved in code complexities. 

Python is a new buzz in web development which is here to make a huge difference in the ways earlier and current software development projects are accomplished. A study shows there has been a steep rise in the demands for Python, SQL, JavaScript developers for the kind of efficiency with which a lot of web development projects have proven to be a great success.

Hybrid app Development:

Developing native mobile or web applications require one to master a platform specific programming language. Proficiency in a programming language is imperative to succeed but adhering to a fixed one could confine the scope of development because a native development framework is the one which is a language specific, that is, Swift or Objective C for iOS and Java or C/C++ for Android. 

Hence the endeavour is to broaden the scope of development so that any mobile or web application doesn’t remain restricted to a specific platform. To be a versatile developer, one must therefore be adept at web technologies – HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with a platform specific language. 

iOS Development:

Mac iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Apple watch – the brand name Apple Inc. has come a long way ever since it established itself as a brand name. Apple started with its personal computers and gradually expanded its innovation offering the range of gadgets we have at our disposal today. We have iPhone, iPad, smart watches that has made us enjoy the latest advancements in technology.

Wide popularity of Apple apps:

Research has the following stats regarding apple mobile apps:

  1. iOS app downloads have almost tripled in two years, that is, from 25 billion app downloads to 253.91 billion, from 2015-17. Such a tremendous growth in the numbers definitely proves a sustainable growth over the years
  2. Apple supports almost all the major apps that is being used by a mass of a billion. 
  3. iPhone developers are at an advantage because they tend to earn higher than Android developers because iOS comes to the rescue of its audience when it comes to dealing with security and scalability. An iPhone gets software updates throughout its life span no matter whether it’s a 5s or a 7, as iOS 10 works on iPhone 5 devices as well.

Programming languages for Website Development:

  1. Java
  2. Python
  3. PHP
  4. JavaScript
  5. CSS
  6. Shell
  7. Objective C
  8. C#
  9. R
  10. VimL
  11. Perl
  12. Ruby

The crux of choosing a Programming Language:

When a system design is under process, apart from design and functional specifications a major concern is to choose a language which efficiently caters to the requirements of a web development project. Hence the following factors forms a major portion of decision making process:

  1. Target Platform: Every programming language has its own way of functioning, that is, it may not be compatible across every platform – browser, OS, code editors and many more, collectively. Hence the choice of a programming language according to a web development project should be done meticulously. 
  2. Language domain: Here, domain implies the type of issues we might be dealing with while developing a website. It is important to choose a language that is appropriate to deliver a solution for a given problem.  
  3. Size of project: Talking about project size, one must be well versed with the complexities involved in a project and thus make a wise choice accordingly. The language which would be used to code must therefore be optimum enough to provide an efficient performance and stability to the overall project’s operations. 
  4. Libraries: While developing any software solution, a developer must carefully consider the collection of libraries that could be used with a programming language which could solve the problems.


The idea behind choosing an appropriate career path, as a developer, depends to a great extent on the availability of paths available to us in different programming languages, the target environment for which a software solution would be developed, popularity of technologies among end users and so on. 

Hence in this article we have primarily focused on the success rates of iOS applications and threw a glimpse of insight into the various facets of website development. Developers are a well-paid bunch of aspiring software engineers who will be in demand for their excellence in various technologies and thus are expected to live up to the expectations of their target audience. 

A strong vision and the right skillset is all one needs to choose a career path and the same applies to every other aspect of life.

“Happy Coding”.