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5 Best WordPress Security Tips to Protect Your Website

5 Best WordPress Security Tips to Protect Your Website

Monday July 13, 2020,

3 min Read

For any entrepreneur who is working online, WordPress security is a considerable concern for their website. According to the data from Google, we come to know that more than ten thousand websites are daily blocked by google for the malware that they used.

There is a high possibility that fifty thousand websites are caught phishing in a week. It is high time you need to get serious about your website's WordPress security; taking every precautionary measure would help you in a long way.

WP Beginner is a tool that helps you not only to eliminate the risk but also to reduce risk in a significant way. We have some tips that can help you protect your website and be safe.

1. Keep Changing Password:

It is imperative that you need to change your WordPress password for admin regularly. This password should be such a complicated combination of various characters that it will be impossible for others to guess.

2. Hosting platform should be competent:

It is now evident that most of the security threats come through the hosting server of your company. If the platform is unable to fight against the server's vulnerabilities, then your website is more prone to hacking.

3. Keep the latest plugins and themes:

The developers roll out the updates regularly so that the inefficiencies and loopholes could be appropriately handled. Through the WordPress dashboard, you are continuously notified that a new update has arrived, and you should do the needful if you want to protect your website. The appropriate update will ensure that your portal stays secure from the risks and will be ready to face any outside threat.

4. Security Plugin:

One of the ways that we can keep our website secure is by installing a security plugin. If you search about it, you will find plenty of web security plugins to ensure the security of your website. MalCare is one of the best in the game to suggest. Any security plugin should cover brute force protection, automatic malware scan, everyday backups, malware removal, and firewall protection.

5. Minimal Login attempts:

In this new technology and time, hackers nowadays are choosing shortcuts to inject malware into your system. They are developing programs that are complex and unable to trace, with the help of bots, it becomes easier for them to enter the website arena. You should log into your system a few times only so that it can't be traced.

Hence, taking all these measures, you will be able to protect your website from complex threats.

If you still looking to update or create or website from scratch, You can check the WordPress Website Design Companies and discuss about what you want to improve the security as well as the functionality of the website. Remember that only a quality website design can bring you customers and leads.