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Are you a sports enthusiast?

Prediction Guru is for you!

Are you a sports enthusiast?

Thursday January 12, 2017,

3 min Read

Predict & Watch

Predict & Watch

More than 500,000 people are converging on championships every year. While the focus has been the grass courts, businesses are traditionally seeking to benefit from sponsorship, hospitality, and networking. Nevertheless, some of the largest opportunities of have having access to the existing and potential customers through games and tournaments now lie away through social media and digitalization, offering wider reach and direct engagement.

By engaging fans on social media, the sports rights holders are given the chance for new communication channels with their audience, which can be valued and measured as a new commercial opportunity with the social media promotions and sponsorships, receiving benefits from the increased loyalty and affinity of brands. Still, sports businesses and clubs are just starting to appreciate the potential offered by this.

Tablets and mobile phones have enabled social media to flourish, and these days, football stadiums are offering Wi-Fi to the fans and allow not only more interactions at live events but also more commercial activity. Furthermore, spectators are now capable of making additional seat or purchases. Technology is important to sports, regardless if it is about ticketing for capacity optimization, projecting advertising boards for stadiums to different markets from the event, or e-commerce for raising merchandising sales.

Sports networking for sports professionals

No matter if you are a recent college graduate who are looking for your first job in the sports industry or you are one working in this industry for many years, sports networking and professional development can have an important role to lay in your capability to become successful. Networking is signifying the ability of making contacts and building relationships with the industry experts. Sports management has been a very competitive career field and there can be a great difference in building a quality network of expert in the industry with advancing or breaking in the world of sports.

Prediction Guru has a sports network of players and fans actively volunteering to work for sporting events and participating in professional organizations in the area of event operation and management. There is a wide range of quality professional organizations with relation to sports management and prediction that the active participation could create a positive impact. Volunteering your services for participation on the board for an expert organization, attending conferences for expert organizations, or volunteering to be able handle the different event and facility operational and management duties.

How Prediction Guru can help

Prediction Guru is a cross platform and lightweight app that has been especially developed for sports enthusiasts to be able to experience the true essence of their favorite teams through prediction of the end results. It can deliver all the essential information like league standings, team news, and past match status, among other information about your favorite team, all with 100% accuracy.

All these information with relation to clubs and teams have become really beneficial when it comes to the prediction of end result of a certain game, and so this will be of great help for greater and wider sports networking.