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What Happens To Your Brain And Body If You Don’t Sleep

The alarm clock sounds and it is time to start your day. Teachers and employers do not care how you slept, they just want you to be present and productive.

Sunday March 05, 2017,

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The alarm clock sounds and it is time to start your day. Teachers and employers do not care how you slept, they just want you to be present and productive. That is hard to do if you have tossed and turned all night long. Is your pillow too soft or too hard? Is your mattress sagging in the middle? Whatever it may be, it can lead to an array of problems for your mind and body. It takes planning and research to get the best sleep possible.

The stress related to not sleeping can follow you through the day. Your brain is "foggy", therefore you have a difficult time making decisions and staying on task. You may start a task and are unable to finish it. You may find your eyes keep closing during meetings. Instead of working you are thinking about why you didn't sleep well, how you can get more sleep and how badly you just want to close your eyes. This can consume your day, making you more exhausted then when you arrived at work. Others will also notice when you do not get good quality sleep. That is always the first question from colleagues when you are not focused on your job responsibilities. The dark circles around your eyes are a clear indicator that you have not slept the night before.

Not sleeping well can also lead to medical issues such as heart attack and high blood pressure. Research has shown we all need a good night sleep to keep our bodies healthy. Sleep is just as important as eating healthy and exercise. Doctors always ask about your eating, exercise and sleeping habits during regular checkups. It is not just a random question to fill in the blanks, there is research that reflects the importance of all three. You cannot leave one out, they are a package deal. There are many studies that focus on the importance of a good night sleep. In these studies, researchers discuss the many ways to improve your sleep patterns. Some of those strategies are as follows; do not drink alcohol or caffeine 3 hours before bed, turn off screens an hour before bed and keep room temperature below 68 degrees. Some people also find that white noise provides a relaxing atmosphere while sleeping. Take the time to prepare yourself, do not wait until the last minute to get ready for bed. These are just some ways to improve our sleep.

The most important way to get a good night sleep is to have a comfortable bed and pillow to rest on each night. Pillows and mattresses should be cleaned and or replaced as needed. Many people do not know that pillows can be washed, this is important to get rid of germs and bacteria. If you are not getting a good night sleep on your mattress, look into different types of mattresses. It is important to test different mattresses to find what works best for you. Everyone requires different supports, therefore use what you need to get a good night sleep. Some people might need several pillows, including a body pillow to make themselves comfortable. Others might not use any pillows. It is all based on your individual needs. Do you sleep on your back, on your side, or on your stomach? This is different and what works for one person may not work for another. Do you like to have a heavy blanket or just a top sheet? The most important thing is to find what works for you.

It is critical to your mind and body to get the best night sleep possible. When you are able to get a good night sleep, you wake up refreshed. You have the focus to complete tasks at work. Your body is functioning at its optimal performance. This is the way you want to live each and every day. No one wants to wake up with their head in the clouds or muscles and joints in pain. It is up to each individual person to take the time to make their sleep patterns the best they can be. Investigate what works for you and stick to you, it will make your mind and body function more effectively through each day. Reading more tips how to make good sleep at here: https://sidesleeperreviews.com/

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