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7 Facts About Designs Everyone Thinks are True

Web Design Tips

Both for the web and graphic purposes, designs plays a crucial role and therefore, they are important in the process of creating a good and responsive website. They work prior to navigation, brand consistency, reading patterns and SEO, contents and customer trust, which are exclusively offered by the marketers, who look forward to impacting the success of your business.

While there are some facts about designing are true Like “Graphic designers are critical for marketing” is, in fact, a fact & “having a good and responsive website with the help of designing can ultimately boost everything in your business online”, then what are the rumoured facts? You can find over here & they are:

All Designers Have a Special Skill, “Branding”

If you think that all designers have a special skill for branding a business, think again. Like any other jobs out there, the designers have their own level of expertise and with this, they can create different result to help your business emerge in the virtual space. Remember that a skilled designer is different from a novice designer.

Design Is Just About Photoshop

Designs are not just about Photoshop. There are several processes needed to procure for the success of the result. Designers are also using a sketchbook to accumulate data and idea in one place. They also draw and scribble the things on the boards, papers and other non-digital platforms. While there are some sources of inspiration & fabulous work for designers. Sometimes they use online resources for inspiration or to get the job done quickly & easily.

Lucrative Career

In reality, lots of designers are managing multiple part-time projects while working in full-time. Others are offering their service free due to their passion while others are paid due to the profession. In fact, designers don’t actually make a good money when they stick to the job alone. And the fact that they have to find a full-time job, it means the profit they earned in designing is not enough to survive.

Patient Job

Is it a patience job? Is it?

Think again.

The designing process is harder and more complex than you think. Dedication and time are needed. You will encounter lots of revisions and alterations to make everything perfect. And if you want to satisfy you a client, you have to put an eye to every detail.

Designer Don’t Need To Be Creative

As an opposing point, designers need to be creative. Creativity is very important. And when it comes to the web and graphic designing, you need to have a deep knowledge, passion, and commitment to creating the best result.

Designing Needs a Degree

While taking a degree in designing can help get yourself prepared in the designing world, it doesn’t mean you can immediately become a professional designer. Many expert designers don’t even have a degree. Some of them learned through training of using the web designing elements like free online HTML website templates, etc. while others acquire self-taught skills.

Nowadays Designing Has Become Easier

It took Adrian Frutiger three years to complete the twenty-one sans-serif fonts that make up the Univers family.

Though many software’s and web-based application is available to ease designing process nowadays, you still need to have special skills, talent, hard work, dedication, good amount of inspiration, as well as ability in working under pressure.


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