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6 Convincing Reasons For Youth On Why They Must Startup

If in this article based on startups and youth, We use reference of Narendra Modi's speech on Startup India (because c'mon, almost everyone does it) then you have every right to judge this article. Otherwise, read till the end of it. It might inspire you.

Tuesday January 31, 2017,

4 min Read

Since last year, a lot has been talked about startups. Today won't be any different. Do you know that India ranks third among global startup ecosystems with more than 4,200 new-age companies? There's a reason for it. And that is, India has the potential to rise and facilitate innovation driven solutions to the problems. It's been said that Startups are the way to develop and grow India, both economically and technically. Another thing that's been said on the very same day was (ps: "on the very same day" thing may be a lie), that youth is another key to lead India for a better tomorrow. Youth has tendency to work actively, their brains are open to adaptations and seek answers to the questions unanswered. If youngsters were to involve themselves into startups with their innovative and creative ideas, a boom is bound to occur in our startup ecosystem. Because we believe that youth is more than running after engineering, MBA or Govt. & bank jobs. It is more than being a part of a rat race. Since a lot of them are still unaware of what goes on inside a startup and how it is good for them, i would take this opportunity and give you 6 good reasons why youth today must startup. 1. Pilot of your dreams: "If you don’t work for your dreams, then someone else will make you work for theirs" - Tony Gaskins Someone said, "People don't leave companies, they leave their bosses." If that is true, then the first good reason to start up is to become your own boss. You can take your life and your dreams in your hands. Startup is your gateway to build the thing for yourself you always wanted, to stop being a part of a rat race and take control of your career. 

2. Showcase what you got: You can create for yourself a platform which would be best suitable to showcase your skills and talents. You can convert your vision into a product. It is in your hands and depends upon your capability for how far you can go with your startup. Growth is limitless and you can make something big for yourself. You don't wait for opportunities when you startup, you build them for yourself. The most common example for this- is Mark Zuckerberg. We all know his story!

3. Freedom at work: This is one thing youth craves the most. But how startup gives you freedom, you ask? You can do what and how you want to do. You can bring in your work style and no one will question you. You are allowed to express, innovate and experiment. New ideas are always welcome. PS: you can listen to music at workplace and you don't have to wear formals either. 

4. Time of your life: It can be a brain scratching task for you to start your own thing and take it to new heights but good lord, is it going to be fun. Every stage and every phase is an adventure. It's an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life whether things go very well or things go poorly. 

5. Qualification is not a necessity: Don't get me wrong here. It only means that you can do what you're good at but not qualified for. In a company, no one will give you a chance to go into marketing if you are a developer for it. No one will let you talk sales if you are running operations. You will not be able to contribute to product design if you are doing marketing. Starting up will give you the opportunity to do all sorts of odd things in which you do not hold any degree. You can be a mathematician and still go into writing (Yes! I used my example).

6. You don't actually fail: While you do startup, you learn a lot. Specially, from your mistakes. So, even if your startup fails, you won't. Any other startup will gladly accept you as part of their journey because you would've learned so much from your experience. Try look for a job after getting fired from a company and you will get a clearer view. Lastly, I agree that startups are not for everyone. It's not a piece of cake as well. But if you have dreams and dedication to work for them, then you must startup and turn them into reality. For youth out there - break-free from the norms, motivate your self enough, find inspiration and get started because i don't see any reason for why you should not.