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10 Best Websites to Become Fluent in English Online

Talk fluently like a native speaker in months.

Friday February 10, 2017,

3 min Read

Knowing how to speak English is one thing, but becoming as fluent as native speakers is another.

It takes work to get to that next level in your English skills but with the right resources and websites, it can be done significantly faster. We've been around the block when it comes to knowing which websites to avoid and which ones to double down on.

Here's our take on the 10 best websites to become fluent in English online. Hope you enjoy and share with a friend!

1. Rype

One-sentence pitch: Quality 1-on-1 language lessons for 1/10th the cost of a language school.Rype is the world's leading platform for language lessons online (including English). By connecting you directly with professional teachers online, they've significantly reduced the cost of learning a language, while enhancing the quality. They offer two weeks of free language lessons to see for yourself.

2. Babbel

One-sentence pitch: Instructional language courses on your phone

Babbel offers fun and a visual way to learn English through instructional activities like fill in the blank, multiple choice, and more.

3. Conversation Exchange

One-sentence pitch: Meet like-minded language lovers and penpals online

Find the perfect conversation partner or a life-long friend by surfing through the thousands of fellow language learners around the world. With Conversation Exchange, you can filter through language, location, method of communication, and more.

4. BBC English

One-sentence pitch: Pre-recorded language courses, videos, articles online

Get access to quality videos, tutorials, articles, and quizzes online to learn English through the BBC English learning program.

5. Duolingo

One-sentence pitch: Gamified language courses on your smartphone

Learn new vocabulary words and improve your grammar skills on your spare time using Duolingo. You can level up, learn new words that you didn't know before, and more. 

6. FluentU

One-sentence pitch: Netflix for languages

FluentU has a catalog of videos that has been curated to teach you different languages, from German to English. You pay a monthly fee and gain access to these videos that you can watch at anytime.

7. HelloTalk

One-sentence pitch: Connect with language learners and conversation partners online

HelloTalk is another resource that's similar to Conversation Exchange, where you can meet conversation partners to practice English with online. Ideally, you already know how to speak a language they're trying to learn (i.e. German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.), making it a mutually beneficial relationship.

8. Memrise

One-sentence pitch: Memorize anything faster using repetition techniques

Memrise is the best tool online to memorize anything, from the most common English words to grammar rules in English. 

9. Learn a language challenge 

One-sentence pitch: Receive 10 most common words everyday in your inbox

Studies show that by memorizing the first 1,000 most common words in any language, you can familiarize yourself with 85% of any language. This is because most of us only use 20% of our known vocabulary in our everyday conversations. The learn a language challenge will help you learn 1,000 of these most common words in 100 days (10 words/day). Best of all, it only takes 5 minutes a day. Sign up here for free.

10. Youtube

One-sentence pitch: Learn English from online videos created by instructors online

Youtube is a great and free hub to find useful English lessons taught by experienced instructors online. All you have to do is use the right keywords to search what you're looking for (Example: [Most common English words] or [How to order at a restaurant in English])

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