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Healthy relationships will make your life easier and happier

Healthy relationships are an antitode of your stress and anxiety.

Healthy relationships will make your life easier and happier

Saturday July 08, 2017,

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We all are in a race. Everyday we’re competing with the world to be better in our work. We want to be better in our studies so that we can get a good job, we want to be better in our job so that we can get a high salary, we want to be better in sports so that we can make our nation proud one day etc etc. Our this attitude to be better in our work is absolutely right to achieve success in our life but focusing on only these things will not make our life more easier and happier. We should also give attention on improving every relationship in our life whether it is with our family, friends or relatives. Improving our relationship will create a better environment for us which will definitely lower our tensions and will add happiness to our life.


An unhealthy relationship will cause us stress, lonliness and will make us an irritable person which will work as a retarding force in our way of achieving success and thus we cannot enjoy our life fully. While in an unhealthy relationship we lose trust on each other, respect for each other decreases, satisfaction level decreases and generally we or our partner attempt to manipulate each other most of the time and spend very less time with each other. A research shows that a healthy relationship have 5 to 1 ratio of positive to negative behaviours and a unhealthy realtionship have a much lower ratio of positive to negative behaviours.

A relationship is called a healthy relationship when two peoples develop a connection between them based on trust, mutual respect, understandings, honesty, support, love, care and good communications. When we are in a healthy relationship, we feel that our life is much happier and easier. We feel very comfortable in sharing our feelings, emotions, happiness and sorrows which lower our stress, anxiety and doubles our happiness.

So If there are some unhealthy relationships in your life also then you should must improve it and make it a healthy relationship so that your life can be much easier and happier.

Below, there are some points which I think is the most important points on which you should concentrate to strengthen your relationships. To strengthen your relationship, you should :

•Respect for each other.

•Help and Care for each other.

•Trust each other and to be honest and loyal with each other.

•Take interest in one another’s activities.

•Be in touch and spend time with each other regularly.

•Express yourself to one another without any fear.

•Have understandings.


When you focus on affection, togetherness, genuine feeling of caring and heart-felt appreciation towards your partner/family members/friends then almost any relationship repair is possible and thus your life becomes more happier which increases the chances of getting success in every field of your life.

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