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“Four college- goers take over e-commerce with a whooping business of 1.4 million in 20 days.”

Advent Basics™ Started its journey in the field of E - Commerce From last four months after 1.5 years deep research.

“Four college- goers take over e-commerce with a whooping business of 1.4 million in 20 days.”

Thursday July 07, 2016,

3 min Read



As per Mr. Azmat Lohani (co-founder, Director), The main focus of their company is on the Electronic products like mobile cables, computer cables and other latest products related to the same, They also have home décor and home appliances which includes kitchen products as well and the fashionable products which public prefers seasonally.

As a company there are competitors and there is competition in the field of e-commerce business, but again it’s the part of game. You have to be smart enough to be on top and we hope soon we will whoop all around.

We feel many companies like Big Brands, Cloud Tail and many more who did quite well and as a whole it is concern that Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Snapdeal they too are considered a competition.

Our unique selling point like everyone knows about it is VR Box we sold more than 2000 pieces in e-commerce retail market that too in 20 days. Other than that all the electronic products like USB OTG cable which shares data from pendrive to mobile phones and other products which makes situation easier.

It’s a huge business and it has no limit. If you want to grow you have to deal with all the situation and you have to be on up to the mark for the customers as well as for the company on which you sell. For the advertisement purpose of to promote our latest product we definitely use social websites like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and many other and you won’t believe but it actually works. People advice and suggestions helps you a lot to at least have some changes which are helpful to you.

It’s a journey and we four are the sailor on the boat. We are trying harder to reach to our goal and we hope for the best to come.

We started funding for this when we were in college and after that also we were on four different corners like poles apart. We have our own job but then we gave a thought and then decided to keep everything aside and start focusing on the e-commerce business. We have taken advice from many of our friend some have actually supported us and many of them tried to manipulate us but its our choice and now we are happy that we gave a thought and started our own business in the field of e-commerce.

The aim of this journey is to have each product in the name of Advent basic. We question ourselves many a times Is that we want? Why to limit ourselves in electronics, home décor etc there are a lot to go and we will.. we want we should be independent enough that when people search for Advent Basic they find a huge range of products that they require. And we would love to serve people and we will do as much as we can.