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5 marketing strategy to promote your YouTube business

 5 marketing strategy to promote your YouTube business

Thursday June 21, 2018,

3 min Read


YouTube is one of the most accessed social media mostly for the purpose of recreation. They have over one billion users that make one person from every three individual in the world. So you see the impact that your presence on YouTube can have on your business be it product related or service related. People all over the world tend to use YouTube, for tutorials, entertainment, and even assistance. Being on YouTube alone cannot be just about enough. 

You will have the best possible outreach, but if you want to cash in on that outreach, then you need to start from other social forums where you are already active. Many YouTube Health rhymes channel owners have existing social media accounts that they use to market their YouTube channels and if numbers are to be considered this is the perfect move, as 70% YouTube channel owners who utilized other social platforms for their channels gained success.

Strategies that you can employ to hit big on YouTube

When you are looking for opportunities to grow and expand, then you need to consider the following approach.

Use the Cross promoting tactic through platforms.

Social media is the future of marketing. The quicker the businesses realize that they need to be out there for the customers the better their standing will be. When you have multiple accounts on different social platforms, you can always post about your new YouTube uploads this way there will be traffic coming to your YouTube channel and adding a call to action button can also ensure that you have customer conversion happening there and then. 64% of the accounts that used the strategy of cross-connecting were able to gain visibility and at the same time increase their sales.

Keep your audience engaged!

You need to keep your audience engaged. You can do so by inviting to different events. Continually uploading and updating them about things happening with your business and products can help convince them that you are interested in connecting with them. Being on their newsfeed will gain you visibility and allow you to be branded onto their minds.

Have the most suitable video thumbnail!

Thumbnails of your videos play a significant role in being convincing enough for the people visiting the YouTube to click on. May channels use the click bait technique, these channels have 80% more hits, but then their hits decline. The primary reason being that these channels use irrelevant pictures as thumbnails and their content is not convincing enough. Using relevant and exciting thumbnail can increase your subscribers by 50%.

Have contests!

Having giveaways and regular contests can make your followers visit here and watch your channel regularly. The reason, the freebies sound attractive, and this also allows you to have your product marketed in the favorable light.

Post an update in a consistent manner!

Many businesses stop updating once they have gained enough followers and that can be detrimental for the company as due to lack of updating the channel will stop appearing on top in the news feed and ultimately be lost in the clutter. You should be consistent with your updates so that you remain fresh in the memories of your probable consumers. Using hashtags can also be an exciting way to maintain exclusivity.