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Bots for an Efficient Workplace

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Bots for an Efficient Workplace

Monday February 27, 2017,

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Bots are steadily becoming an integral part of enterprise operations. Widely used in the customer service segment, bots today are seriously underused as competency drivers. The impact yielded by bots could be much higher Chatbots are uniquely placed to channelize different enterprise applications into one streamlined communication channel. Bots are finding applications across functions like Sales, branding and Promotions, automated recruitment, intelligent Q&A, and other applications.

Companies using bots have reported increased efficiency gains in their business. Bots are now widely used across various functions such as sales, expense management, automated recruitment, intelligent Q&A, and other applications.


The Chatbot Advantage

Integrating chatbots into any conversation on your chat platform is very simple Users can interact (chat) with them just about the same way that they interact with any other users.

Ace bot is an intelligent bot conceived to ease the stress of never-ending rigors that come with daily management activities. Whether it’s managing your list of to-do items or managing your Sales team, ace does it all with no hassle. Try it out by typing ‘lead’ and ace will help you update related contact details. Start updating your task by typing out a todo like “Team meeting at 3” and Ace will take care of the rest. Here’s a few tips on how you can get started with bots.

Getting started with bots


Learn from employees

Taking a closer look at the way employees function at work, could form the basis of behavior patterns. Assess any issues faced with existing systems and employee preferences when it comes to replacement tools. With work-from-home culture and companies often relying on freelancers and mobile workforce, workplace tools need to be easily adaptable across devices and platforms. Chat platforms like Slack have revolutionised workplace communications and have nearly replaced traditional tools like e-mails, while creating convenience and saving time for its users.

Choose a platform that has Enterprise Expertise

Working with providers who have an enterprise-level customer base could help you in activity monitoring, data loss prevention and address other enterprise concerns.

Set proper expectations

Figuring out what employees need to deliver through the app, can paint a clear picture on the utilization and enhancement of the Bots based on the evolving needs.

Develop an information and security governance strategy

Introduction of bots could give birth to new issues within security and governance. It’s essential to consider key issues such as, who will own the governance? How can employees share partial information while keeping other data hidden? Scrutinizing the messaging platforms to address the key issues can ensure information security. On the security side, it’s necessary to understand the hosting platform on which the bot is going to be hosted. It’s necessary to determine whether your corporate policy allows for both public and private hosting.

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