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Government schools: A revolutionary tweak in infrastructure and education

Government schools: A revolutionary tweak in infrastructure and education

Wednesday April 12, 2017,

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Image: Courtesy Google

Image: Courtesy Google

Education does not simply mean cramming over the minds with dead mass of dry facts. It means a holistic development of an individual to lead a good life.

One can't stress the value of education in words, more than the sentiments explicitly expressed by the former President of the United States of America.

"If you think education is expensive wait until you see how much ignorance will cost you in the 21st century" - Barack Obama.

In addition, people have even estimated education will be the currency of the 21st century and, now, you could very easily evaluate the value of education.

It is therefore, important we must ensure to shape up the life of our kids in the school itself. So that, they're ready to face the world with optimum confidence.

The Govt of Delhi has taken many initiatives to improve the infrastructure and schools, and has brought newer ideas and innovation in the education sector.

It would be relevant to mention, there will always be ifs and buts, and pros and cons when something good is started. But again, it is absolute necessity to laud the initiatives, and be patient for the results to be palpable for everyone to see.

Let's find out...!!!

School and Class Rooms Infrastructure

The Government has appointed Estate Managers to maintain the infrastructure which're basically of two types. i) maintenance of building and premises and ii) maintenance of classrooms (i.e., tables, chairs, blackboards, etc.).

Training Principals, Teachers and Faculties

For this, they're being sent to the leading universities of the world like Harvard, IIMs, Oxford and others. Initiatives have already begun to encourage teachers to improve the pedagogical approach in the schools.

Syllabus Improvement Initiatives

Workshops are being conducted with the help of eminent people and scholars to ensure right subject areas are touched and taught to kids to stay relevant.

Special Summer Camps Organised

To develop creativity in the kids special summer camps are being organised for them. It will help an over all development and unravel the hidden gem in them.

Student Loan With Less Paper Work

To encourage higher education, students are being given loans upto Rs.10 lacs in case they lack finances which can be easily be taken by class 12th students.

Monitoring and Check & Balance

To ensure efforts, initiatives and finances are being effectively utilized, apt tools and techniques are being used to monitor performance and quality. To add to this, there are proper performance improvement plans i.e., PIPs around them.

In the end, I must add, brighter days are ahead for the kids in education and, the future of the nation heavily depend on them, so good for the nation too.