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Consider These 5 Things While Purchasing Eyeglasses Online

Consider These 5 Things While Purchasing Eyeglasses Online

Sunday December 22, 2019,

4 min Read

As per a recent report of Mordor Intelligence, the global eyewear market is expected to witness a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.69% between 2019 and 2024. India has the fastest-growing retail sector which is predicted to increase rapidly at 15% CAGR in the years to come, contributing a large portion to the global eyewear market. With such growth of eyewear in India, online stores have seen a similar rise in popularity especially because of the multiple benefits available with it.

However, the cost of eyeglasses can stretch up to a few thousand depending upon the type of lens and frame an individual chooses. To further support such costly eyewear, individuals can avail spectacle insurance policy and not worry about the accidental damage or theft of eyeglasses.

Subsequently, individuals must take these 5 points into consideration while purchasing eyeglasses online –

1. Type of frame 

Choosing the perfect pair of frames for your eyeglasses is necessary as this is your everyday companion that should perfectly fit your face and personality. Nowadays individuals like to experiment with their looks and try different frame shapes like rectangular, cat eye, and round glasses. One can choose the perfect frame by looking into a variety of available options online. While you choose an expensive pair of eyeglasses matching your personality, ensuring to acquire glasses insurance online will secure you from any financial threats caused by accidental damage of frames. 

2. Frame quality 

Durability and appearance of eyeglasses are proportionate to the quality of frames and materials used to make it. While few materials make light-weight but durable eyeglasses, some are polished and delicate. However, eyeglasses may break because of multiple reasons like accidental damage, theft, or burglary. Financial institutions, therefore, offer the best vision insurance plans to provide financial aid against such damage.

3. Lens Quality & brand

Lens quality is an extremely important consideration while purchasing eyeglasses online as you don’t want to end up paying a hefty price for the one you didn’t need in the first place. Different lenses are available such as single vision, photochromatic, bifocal, and anti-glare lenses. Make sure you know about each of its features or talk to an online expert before deciding on one. Subsequently, individuals availing spectacle insurance cover expect reimbursement of funds in case the lens sustains damage from an accident. One can claim their spectacle insurance policy easily and acquire financial benefits. 

4. Free Eye tests & demo eyeglasses 

Many online eyewear brands offer free eye tests at your home and let you try out different frames before making a purchase. Getting the eye test done will help individuals gain knowledge about their latest eyesight condition, and they can purchase eyeglasses according to their latest vision data provided. 

Meanwhile, one should always keep an eye on the offers provided by these eyewear brands online to ensure that they purchase the product at the right price only and don’t have to worry about paying extra for the same product. However, reluctant and last-minute purchases may have to face this issue. Therefore, buying a price protection cover can be handy as you can get the extra amount spent reimbursed just by paying minimum yearly premiums. 

5. Try frames online 

Purchasing commodities online means convenience. Therefore, several online stores let users try their frames online using the 3D technique. This lets individuals decide on the perfect look that they are seeking from the comfort of their home. 

Besides, individuals can also avail a purchase protection cover to ensure they get financial assistance against damage to spectacles caused within 30 days of purchase. One can avail the benefits on any of the items they purchase in that period.  

Subsequently, considering these points will help buyers know the basic things that are important in the purchase of eyeglasses. Since eyeglasses nowadays can cost up to a few thousand, one can make use of eyewear protection plan so that they do get the financial aid to minimise liabilities in case of damages sustained.