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How Coworking spaces can still thrive in a post-pandemic world?

How Coworking spaces can still thrive in a post-pandemic world?

Thursday July 30, 2020,

4 min Read

The coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented complexities over the entire human race. Countries all over the world have chosen to completely cease all the economical activities, bringing their nations to a complete lockdown hoping to contain the spread of coronavirus. But the virus is extremely contagious and it seems that even after taking extreme preventive measures, still it’s been a challenge to completely stop the spread of this pestilence. Amidst all this horror, coronavirus is not only confining people in their homes but is also crashing the global economy at a relatively faster pace. 

Almost all the industries around the world have been affected massively due to COVID19, and one among them is the coworking sector. Among most of the coworking spaces, many have closed their workplaces until the lockdown is lifted, some of them may never recover due to extreme financial losses. It is no wonder that life after COVID-19 will never be the same for the businesses unless there is a fast recovery from this pandemic. 

However, there is still a way to recover and bring coworking spaces back to where it belongs, it may not be as effective as a pre-pandemic situation but it can still be an adequate solution to tackle the current state. You can do it by following strict workplace norms and policies determined by the world health organisation. Based on the WHO standards we have discussed 4 ways through which you can bring your coworking space back into the business. 

So without wasting much time, let's get started!!

A. Keep your coworking space clean and hygienic

Ever since the beginning of the COVID19 crisis, hygiene and regular sanitization of prominent places have become of utmost importance. Among those socially prominent places are coworking spaces, they are vulnerable because of pre-eminent flexible work culture. Elevated risk in the office space automatically drives the greater responsibility of keeping the workplace clean and hygienic. 

You can do it by regularly sanitizing and wiping the areas of touchpoints such as doorknobs, windows, desks, elevator buttons, biometric attendance machines, coffee/tea machines, printers etc. Also, it is highly advisable to prepare your workplace for the next day well in advance by completely disinfecting the whole space after everyone has left the coworking premises. 

B. Provide out of the box special assistance and amenities

It is important to periodically promote precise handwashing exercises among young coworkers. Devising a disinfectant tunnel or use of temperature screening at the entrance of the coworking space will work perfectly. Provide hand sanitizing faucets, surgical masks and tissues at all the prominent places. Distributing healthy snacks and vitamin beverages will be a great add-on to attract more customers. 

You may also devise some lucrative offerings with instant benefits like low pricing for initial period, no commitment period and flexibility with spaces/timings.

Furthermore, take a regular note of the mental and physical health of all the coworkers. If anyone among them is sick, provide assistance and advise them to work from home, and to consult a nearby physician immediately. This will not only make your workspace safe but also make people feel secure and comfortable, which will indirectly motivate them to come and thrive in your coworking space every day. 

C. Promote healthy social practices

Educate your coworkers by displaying posters that promote healthy social practices such as the use of a handkerchief or tissue while coughing and sneezing, encourage social distancing, avoid regular touching of eyes, mouth & nose. These posters should be presented in notable places so that everyone sees them.

 Also, organise community events that motivate people to do yoga, respiratory exercises and basic cardio exercises, this will not only improve the immunity and physical health of your coworkers but also give your coworking space a good reputation in the coworking community


D. Redesign your coworking environment

Some of the big coworking giants have devised plans to change the complete infrastructure of their coworking spaces, keeping in mind social distancing and to avoid overcrowding in the workspace. You can do the same by altering certain flexible desks and open lounges in such a way that both social distancing and a healthy working culture can be maintained in the coworking space. 

However, if you have budget constraints, you can still plan the optimum use of space keeping in mind social distancing and avoid over-crowdedness by extending or keeping the workspace open for 24 hours and scheduling coworkers timings as per their convenience/comfort suitable for their work. Also providing cubicles or small spaces where few people can work with social distancing will be a good strategy to make the best use of resources.

We hope this article will add value, help to grow and reassemble your business.

Thanks !!