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7 IELTS resources that can help you get a better score

IELTS examine tutors Melbourne

7 IELTS resources that can help you get a better score

Thursday March 29, 2018,

5 min Read

International English Language Testing System or IELTS is the most popular course at the moment for English language learning.

As matter of fact, in the year 2017, over two million people all around the world took IELTS test.

Learning a foreign language can understandably be a difficult task, primarily when your career and education relies on it.

A lot of students don’t get better grades or “bands” per say, because many IELTS coaching centers don’t provide enough of the essential resources.


IELTS examine tutors Melbourne has earned a good as far as providing resources is in question.

So, let’s discuss which are the essential resources can help an IELTS student in getting better grades.

Download IELTS preparation app


If you browse through your App Store, you will get a ton of applications that may help you prepare for your IELTS test.

IELTS Prep App- from British Council is one of the highest rated apps in App Store.

IELTS Prep App has as many grammar exercises, listening practice tests and a lot of speaking programs.

The best feature of the application is its videos section. If you are taking the IELTS test for the first time, you can practice with various videos of IELTS Speaking interviews.

The handy app also explains the assessment criteria, and it also gives one useful tip and updates regarding IELTS, time to time.

The app lets you set a tests day reminder too.

Try taking a Webinar


A webinar is similar to an ordinary seminar, except it is conducted on the internet, and you must pay attention to the speaker.

Many IELTS experts time to time perform Web seminars or webinars. ILETS webinars are usually 90 minutes long, live discussions.

People who cannot afford to join fancy IELTS coaching centers can learn a lot from here too.

Still, one must take at least a month-long IETLS training from a certified coaching center, before the final test.

Australia has seen a considerable rise of students in IELTS sector, more significant than the rest.

You can google IELTS examine tutor Melbourne if you want to join IELTS classes in Melbourne.

Webinars are helpful for the beginners; it can help them get a feel for what and how the whole process works.

Buy a Thesaurus

This may sound an old-fashioned and tedious way of preparing for the IELTS test, but there aren’t many better ways than the mighty Thesaurus.



Thesaurus is not a dictionary; it contains synonyms of different words of English language. So, the purpose of buying a thesaurus is apparent, it helps you in enhancing your vocabulary.

When it comes to the words, 'more the merrier' rule applies. This resource mainly focuses on enhancing your speaking skills.

When you know a lot of words, you can express yourself in a better way. Having vast knowledge of words also can be a confidence booster.

Just try skipping difficult/unorthodox words in your speaking test. Your sentences should not sound stuffed, but more of natural.

As Peter Mark Roget, the architect of the best known thesaurus in the English language said “purpose of this reference work for users is to find the word, or words, by which an idea may be most fitly and aptly expressed.


IELTS Buddy is a complete IELTS resource which every IELTS novice should have. It is a website which helps you understand why each answer gets specific grades.

The IELTS Buddy has an ample of advice regarding grammar lessons and sample essays.


The IELTS Buddy also offers dummy questionnaires for the beginners. That means before the actual test you get to know what you are going to face.

The IELTS Buddy app keeps their material up to the date. They update their content on daily bases and keeps on improving it according to an ever-changing syllabus.


EngVid is a beneficial tool for IELTS students. It is the best for the students who want to practice after their IELTS class.

EngVid is a website which uploads the free videos focusing on English vocabulary and grammar.

The videos on the site usually cover about all the difficult topics of the English language.

Many people who like to practice what they learn during the classes, for them, this is a perfect platform.


Most of the videos on EngVid are free, which is for the best. Let’s face it if you are already paying for an IELTS class you won’t want to spend extra money learning the same thing.

Another plus point of this resource is that you can browse the videos anywhere. Visual aid is a better option for some people than the books.


IETLS-Simon is a website run by an actual IELTS examiner.

The fact that real IELTS examiners are running this website lures many students towards the site. All the traffic the site is getting helping them deliver even better content every day.

This website offers and provides plenty of new and free resources for the students. One can practice questions, and can submit their queries on the topic of the grading system of IELTS score as well.


The IELTS experts on this webpage also give valuable tips on improving your IELTS grades, time to time.

Another excellent tool to uplift your IELTS grades!


IELTSLiz is an unorthodox addition to this list. It is not a website, but a YouTube channel.

An English teacher and IELTS examiner “IELTSLiz” provide, different IELTS related tips on this channel of hers.


The mischievous YouTube channel cover videos for all four IELTS tests. The hostess herself is very polite and friendly so, learning is fun on this channel.


These seven resources can help you score better grades in your IELTS test if you use them well.

IELTS is a challenging task, but the only thing it challenges in you is your focus. It is essential to keep focused while preparing for an IELTS test.


You have to work hard to get higher grades, and on the brighter side, you will learn a new language.

Learning a new language means you are opening doors to literature and knowledge available in that language. It indeed is a win-win situation.

Good luck for the test!