How to choose a lawyer for your business in India

Thursday June 15, 2017,

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Starting a new business requires a detailed planning, research, and preparation. When setting up a company there is a lot of legal issues that company have to deal with.

Since most startups take time to make profits, it’s certainly not easy to charge high rates for attorneys and many small businesses doesn't have much.

Each and every industry will have its own rules and regulations and many entrepreneurs, of course, are unaware of all the laws. The laws are inconstant and are gradually evolving that can cause you to quickly be out of agreement even though your business has not changed! In addition, the process for company registration may vary from state to state. Keeping track of all these changes can be a hard task and business owners not able to handle them.

A few examples are listed below:

Local, state government entities filing complaints against your business for violation of any laws

Your Company has charged with any ethical issues.

An environmental issue arises and your company is involved (even if your business didn’t create any environmental problems and still get penalized)

Former, current, or prospective employees bring legal charges against discrimination or harassment at work.

Tax treatment, contribution of appreciated property to a partnership Etc.

You surely need to approach a lawyer for the serious problem above. A right corporate lawyer will support vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business, from basic outlining agreement, copyright and trademark advice to lawsuits and liability.

Consulting an Advocate does not always become cheap. As a start-up, you need to be creative in how you go about choosing and using a Lawyer. I have found that searching locally is a great place to start as it prevents unnecessary advocate costs at the initiation of your business.

In my experience, local firms may be more interested in hearing your legal issues. Personal engagement is key to build strong relationships. It is generally not difficult for you to grow a connection with a smaller firm which in turn will considering the necessities of your particular startup will be at the eminence of your solicitor's mind. In some cases, regional firms may be cheaper and higher flexible in their billing which is essential to cash-strapped startups. Anyway, I would suggest you do your homework.

It’s good to know where to find the right advocate.

A great place to start is with the Licit Go-Legal. The Licit Go-Legal website or App is a rich source of information for users who have legal problems. Just click the “Search Lawyer” option; you’ll find information on top lawyers in your city.

There are also corporate lawyer referral services on the web. Go to Licit-Go Legal, for instance, and you have instant access to thousands of corporate lawyers. You can search by city or state and different practicing area, and several lawyers list come up within the area you specify, with details of each attorney, areas of practice, hourly rate, Address, Languages known by the Advocate and so on. From there a user can book appointments with best lawyers or chat with the lawyers instantly.

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