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Drive exponential traffic to your website through Flipboard

Simple techniques to drive surprise number of traffic to your site

Drive exponential traffic to your website through Flipboard

Friday March 10, 2017,

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Being an avid reader or digital marketer you might have read so many articles with catchy headlines on how to drive more traffic to your website through Facebook or twitter or through any other social media.

That one in million articles may be a mere statement but here I am attaching a proof how Flipboard will help you to increase your blog traffic exponentially and how helped me.

It can be anything your personal or business blog Flipboard works well.

I am having my very own blog where I write about online money making, Tools for business and related stories. It’s just one year and two-month-old blog till august 16 it’s not making more than 20 views per day that too after intensive promotions on social media.

Later I came to know about Flipboard and how it is helping blogs to get four-digit traffic in a day.

Followed few strategies and finally magic worked for me too.


My blog crossed 1000 views in a day

And the same day I earned $10 in AdSense and the month ended up with a total of 8k views. This is not a big number compared to other popular blogs.

But in a different perspective, it is tremendous to watch that blog with 20 pageviews per day was organically(No SEO) boosted to 1k views in a next day.

You can drive traffic to your site from the internet either through social media websites like Facebook, twitter and Google Plus or through social bookmarking sites like Flipboard, Pinterest, Reddit, and Digg.

On social media, you need followers to read your article or to engage with it and to gain followers you need to promote your page which will increase your marketing cost proportionally.

Another greater disadvantage of popular Facebook is despite having thousands of followers your post will reach only 16% of the total and if you want more you have to sponsor your very own content to reach more audience.

Facebook Business Official Page

Facebook Business Official Page

But the beauty of bookmarking site is even with one or zero followers you could do wonders like I did.

When you publish quality content under right topic Flipboard will take your article to the right group of people among 70 million active users.

But we need to follow some simple strategies

On Flipboard, analogous articles are put inside magazines created by you. It's like boards on Pinterest where you curate related contents.

Once you are done with initial signup process you can create your customized magazine to add articles later.

Before you name your magazine just do a general search about the topic you wish to start the magazine.

For example: Just search for Affiliate Marketing you will find 100s of magazines go through the heading and you will find one thing in common almost all the headlines are simple with two to three words not more than that. So, whenever you name your magazine makes sure it holds the keywords novice user search on Flipboard.

You can start as many as magazines to categorize corresponding articles.

It is quite difficult to gain followers on Flipboard organically but there is a simple technique, All you have to do is to engage.

On Flipboard also you can like, comment or flip the articles to your magazine. More engagements will increase your visibility and ultimately more followers.

Downloading Flipboard mobile app on your phone could help you to engage with contents frequently.

You will like flipping through the articles in the mobile app than its desktop version.

Articles with catchy headlines will undoubtedly drive huge traffic to your site irrespective of the domain. Eight out of ten people read the only headline and only rest two will read the full content.

You will understand how important a catchy headline is if you started using Flipboard because it shows complete headline to a reader and only a few characters from the body when you flip.

Tests show that traffic to content at Upworthy vary as much as 500% because of the headline. It is your headline which needs to be wealthy than the rest to drive sales.

Integrate share this button on your blog or simply add this code on your site so your readers can easily spread the word on Flipboard.

I am not doing anything other than the above-mentioned techniques to get views from Flipboard.

These techniques are sound simple and overheard, isn’t? That’s what I am also saying it is simple to get traffic from Flipboard.

Happy Flipping 😊

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