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Lighting candles of hope in Uttarakhand.

  Look at how a single candle can light several candles around. Similarly 'Kaivalya Education Foundation' strongly believes that happiness & knowledge can never decrease through sharing. And when these are shared with the leaders of each community, nothing can stop a society's transformation for good.  

Lighting candles of hope in Uttarakhand.

Saturday September 10, 2016,

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For the first time in Uttarakhand in collaboration with The Hans Foundation, KEF organised

a workshop for 100 primary schools from Kapkot block in Bageshwar. The training

specifically focused on exploring newer and interesting teaching methods as well as working

on the need identified through them. Clarifies Saurabh Rai (PM) “The aim is to bring

qualitative changes in the government schools and students to create a teacher and student -

friendly atmosphere.” Coordinated by Vivek Rana (PM) with 20 fellows coming from

different states of India carrying diverse learning backgrounds, the workshop included

various activities for teaching of skills, learning through mutual contact, participation in

decision making. This resulted into guidance and enhancement of qualities.

The workshop includes participation of HT’s who multitask the school responsibilities and

somehow lead the community as well. Nima Bisht (G.P.S. Banshe) responds “I believe that a

child should have a free atmosphere to learn so that they come ahead confidently to perform

and participate actively, which I personally couldn’t do in my school days.” The workshop

also involved activities like yellow hat, life sharing, need analysis which encouraged

enthusiasm among the HT’s who are looking forward for more. “This workshop includes

empathic situations with regard to students and this is why it is going to be helpful for us in

future” replied Ganesh C. Pandey (G.P.S. Jagthana). It was not only a learning atmosphere

for the HT’s but a platform to introduce fellows who are going to work with them for the next

2 years. “ KEF is providing us a platform to learn while we work. The diversity in our team is

creating a mini India in Bageshwar and I believe we are going to be the change makers

throughout the journey and contribute for the transformation of all our expectation”

responded Linita Rane a fellow coming from Mumbai.

KEF is looking forward for more such interventions that will lead to change.

- Linita Rane

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Every teacher is building a nation builder of tomorrow.  Lets  help them  recognize the change maker  hidden within themselves.ng

Every teacher is building a nation builder of tomorrow.  Lets  help them  recognize the change maker  hidden within themselves.ng

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