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Importance of Emotions in B2B Marketing

Emotions could play a huge for b2b and b2c to build business brands with help of proper marketing strategies to transfer emotional messages to target customers.

Importance of Emotions in B2B Marketing

Tuesday March 06, 2018,

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Does Emotional Marketing ring a bell? Many Digital Marketing Companies now bring out an emotional touch while marketing. While marketing in the B2B Industry, it was always believed that purchase decisions are based on logic and rational thinking and B2C was all about emotions but now emotions play a huge role in both, B2B and B2C Marketing.

Studies by neuroscientists have shed new light on the causes of behavior, specifically on how purchase decisions are made. For instance, John Caine, a well-known neurologist, determined “the essential difference between emotion and reason leads to action while reason leads to conclusions”. In B2B, human affiliations are more personally shared and significant, thus emotions like trust, confidence, fear, avoidance, and faith are powerful constituents for refining a deeper relation.

Social Marketing Agencies believe that emotional marketing is simply the knack to connect strongly through the use of different practices to induce emotions. Search Marketing Agencies budding an emotional strategy can focus on diverse issues to transfer emotional marketing messages.


Here are some tips on how to make B2B marketing more personal:

Understanding customers’ personal goals and emotions. Marketers need to observe the underlying emotions amongst their customers to understand them well and target their marketing strategies correctly.

Messages should be crafted using the natural language of the customers and not internal jargon. These messages should have a personal touch and increase value for the customers.

Creating more value for your brand while selling your product also increases the trust factor of customers in your company.

Social Media also helps to build one-to-one relations with your customers. Taking feedback and constant reviews show that you value the views of the consumers and care about their perspective.

The Top 5 Brands in the B2B Industry using Emotional Marketing are:

General Electronics





Emotional attractions in B2B marketing do reflect gambles though, which is perhaps why some B2B brands still stay clear of them. Overemphasizing the emotional appeal can backfire and feel like manipulation, which will erode the feeling of trust and reliability one is trying to create. Once you get it right, you’re on the path to crafting matter that your prospects will keenly seek out, inaugurating you as a complete authority in what you do.