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Do all Entrepreneurs require mentor?

"Entrepreneur journey is a lonely journey. But if you have a good guide during journey your journey becomes an adventure."

Do all Entrepreneurs require mentor?

Monday September 17, 2018,

4 min Read

When I started my business 5 years back, I had no any family background in business. At that time one of my friend was doing business. He was my guide to start my business. So ones I reached to some stable level, I got busy in my daily business work and didn’t keep much contact with him.

After 2 years of my business starting, I was started feeling tired of my work. I had a lot of pressure on me. I was not able to take leave out of my work. I stopped meeting my friends. I was not able to give a good time to my family. I came to a point where I start feeling a lot of depression in my work. I had a lot of missing deadline every day. I was tired of handling employee behavior. I came to the realization that entrepreneurship is a lonely journey.

One day I went for one meet up at one of the startup incubation near my office. Speaker was a young entrepreneur around 30 years of age, very well dressed and He was sharing his success story with us and He was looking very happy in his life. I was feeling more depressed listening to his success. I had almost lost in thought during his whole talk and my mind was constantly saying that why the hell I am not able to get such success in my life?

 After finishing his talk he asked us that if anyone want to ask any question? I didn’t listen to his talk with attention so I didn’t have anything in mind to ask him. After several questions from other people. I suddenly raised the hand asked him what are you really happy in your entrepreneur journey or you are pretending to be happy on the stage. I didn’t intend to ask such question but that just come spontaneously from my mind. Maybe because of my frustration.

 With a smile, He said to me, “If God gives me two more beautiful ways to make my career right now still I will choose the path I am following right now. Just because I love my work.”                

After Finishing seminar I went to him and told that I am also an entrepreneur, but now I am feeling stuck in my business. I am even planning to shut down business because I am tired of it.

He again smiled and side me that, “No...No..!! You don’t need to shut down your business; by the way, do you have a mentor for your business?

I was like why I need a mentor; I know my work well now.

He explained to me that before 2 years I had also reached a point where I was tired of my business. I was feeling broke like you. But then I have met one amazing person one business coach.

When I started working with him to take my business on track. I did rapid change and he helped me get back quickly on the fast lane. And this happened because He knows the path ahead of me, He had already experienced all the challenges and struggle I was going to face in coming time or I am facing right now. So that was my breakthrough moment in my business. So why don’t you find your mentor?

So I told him that oh.. yeah.. I think I need to find a mentor for me and my business.

On the way back I was thinking about this and one thought just crossed my mind that:

 “When we were baby, our mother and father were around us to guide in life. When we went to school, we were a teacher around us to help us learn. When we did college projects we were our project guide around us. When we went to propose a girl, our friends were around us to guide. When we went for the first job we had senior people around us to understand the work process in the company. So basically we were always surrounded by some guide or adviser in each phase of our life.”

That was my wake up moment. Now  I was convinced that I need to find my mentor.

So I found my mentor in that month itself and within 3 months my business was on track because of my mentor, I started enjoying my entrepreneur journey again.

In one evening when I was seating in my office One Thought crosses my mind that, Entrepreneur journey is a lonely journey. But if you have a good guide during journey your journey becomes an adventure.

So go out and find your mentor because He knows what you don’t.