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Big Business: How to Handle the Transportation of Heavy Equipment

Relocating heavy equipment can be an arduous task, but it can be made all the more bearable with proper planning. If you’re a business owner who has a large haul of equipment to be moved, you need to make the right moves yourself. It can be accomplished, as long as you’re able to work as smart as possible. Here are four tips for handling the transportation of heavy equipment.

Big Business: How to Handle the Transportation of Heavy Equipment

Thursday October 26, 2017,

2 min Read

Pack Wisely

Before or after you have rented your truck, you should have a plan in place for how you will load it up. Think of it like playing Tetris. You want to fit the pieces in correctly in order to “win.” the larger items should be braced against the back and sides of the truck, while the smaller ones should be in the inner area of the truck. A few feet or a few inches can make a profound difference when it comes to transporting heavy equipment, and you don’t want to squander the potential of a quality truck.


Get Helpers

Even with a truck, transporting heavy equipment can be quite a burden. In order to alleviate that burden, you should enlist the help of others. You might hire a professional moving service, or you might work alongside your coworkers. You should be as gracious and courteous as possible to those who are helping you. Reward them for their efforts with compensation such as buying them lunch.

Start Early

You want to have at least a few hours set aside in your day in order to transport heavy equipment. The best time to do this is early in the day. Set your alarm a couple hours early, and get to work on packing up. The extra time will help in the case of any setbacks.

Rent a Truck

If you’re looking to move heavy equipment as easily as possible, you should be looking into renting a truck. A sizable truck can be a ticket to moving sizable equipment in as little as one trip. Look for moving trucks in your area through businesses such as Elite Truck Rental or a similar company. Make sure that you have an understanding of how much room you need in the truck for your equipment before you choose it. You should also find out how much weight your truck can carry to ensure you don’t overload it.

We hope this has given you a great idea of how to handle transporting heavy equipment. No matter how big the equipment or how much there is, you can find a way to move it. You just need to put in the time and energy necessary.