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Turning Pain into viable Solution

The inventing story of affordable Vein Finder Device

Sunday October 09, 2016,

3 min Read

A low cost Vein identifying device was launched by the Tejas Research team last month. This team consist of two professors Prof.Kumar and Prof.Nayar and one of their student Ram. The team spent almost an year to reach a solution that is unique and especially low cost. The low cost is an important concern when it comes to giving a health care solutions to poor masses in the south Asian region. The indigenous developed device enables the medical staff to complete an IV injection, in a patient to whom vein finding is difficult, in a matter of seconds.

It is reported that vein finding is a tedious task especially in case of pediatric, obesed, dark complexion, low BP, and high trauma patients. During the emergency situations taking too much time for finding the vein will cost lives. The current situation warrants a vein detection in a patients arm who is much dehydrated may involves surgical removal of skin or atleast multiple punctures adding much pain to the patient.

Speaking about the inspiration for this invention, Prof.Kumar revealed, once he has to go with his Mom, who is a diabetic patient for treatment. The nursing staff took more than 30minutes time after so many punctures on his Mother's hand failed to locate the Vein. After that a senior staff has to involve to try her best, which provides no solution. Seeing the alarming pain of her mother and delay in treatment, Prof.Kumar approached the physician to enquire the alternatives who told surgical cut could be solution. Lucklly, the staff able to find a vein after hour long struggles saving the mom from a cut.

Similar is the scenario for the Mom of Prof.Nayar, in which the medical nurse was suspended by the physician for over puncturing the patients vein and causing too much cut on the hand with syringe needles.

These two situations made sustainable impacts on Prof.Kumar and Prof.Nayar. Both the professors reviewed so many research articles to know the current vein finding technologies are very costly that cant be afforded by a s emi urban or even by a medium sized clinic in a urban area. So no need to speak about the condition of rural hospitals given their economical conditions. These professors made their mind to find a solution to this technological problem who are other wise pure science and art researchers. Later, Mr.Ram, an engineer and former student, joins with the professor duo for inventing a low lost vein finding solution.

Now the trio experimented so many techniques, spent days and night before arriving to the final solution, which is a low cost one.

"We faced lack of fund and technologies to arrive the solution. We have to be equally careful at the technology as well as the economical sides of the prototype, It's like facing a double edged Knife", says, Prof.Nayar. "There are solutions available for any kind of problems, our human kind achieved such an advancement on technology, but whether the solution can be afforded by the poor masses? , Is my primary question", added Prof Nayar.

Speaking about the invention Ram says," Our product enables the medics to see vein at the press of a button, we have a provision for needle insertion, It provides for real time visibility that is too clear and visible than their counterparts which costs 100x more than our prototype. It is a handy and affordable instrument, We patented it".

About their future plan, the team informed, they were looking to expand their research to affordable non-invasie imaging targeting the breast cancer sector.