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How Implementation of Blockchain Technology on Ad World Will Be Cost Saving

Blockchain technology is changing lives of financial institutions in profound ways and is transforming the trade, the way we interact and collaborate in our activities.

How Implementation of Blockchain Technology on Ad World Will Be Cost Saving

Tuesday October 03, 2017,

4 min Read

We all are familiar with the advantages of advertising and also with its included cost. Mainly startups find it difficult to invest in huge advertising companies to gain online visibility and goodwill. But we know well that right publicizing can bring your organization or brand astonishing credibility.


Moreover, in the present time, web-based publicizing is the certain system of increasing most extreme fame inside shortest likely time. To help startups or advertisers blockchain technology is all you need. The technology eliminates the middleman and massive initial investment advertising cost securing your digital relationships.

Let’s seek more about Blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is a type of open ledger that allows transactions and also holds records. This technology has evolved over the past few years due to its exceptional features. It allows direct transaction from one person to another without the interference of the third party. Transactions made using this technology is transparent as it is done in the global network where everyone has access to it.

Blockchain technology has created a backbone for a new type of internet. It aims to distribute the digital information without being copied. 

How Are Industries Leveraging Blockchain Technology?

As it's good to take preventive measures, there are certain areas in Ad tech that has to be carefully looked upon to be able to get an efficient and quick transaction. The ads should not show any controversial content, and safety data sheet has to be maintained. As there are many friction and waste in the digital ecosystem because of the number of intermediaries, they have to be removed, and this is where Blockchain technology comes to use. Apart from eliminating waste, this technology also helps in reducing cost. As there is no third party involved, the cost spent on them is saved.

Benefits Of Implementing Blockchain Technology On Ad World:

As Ad Tech is the fastest growing segment, it provides plenty of space for the implementation of technologies. Blockchain technology being the right solution can offer services full of responsibilities.

The primary motive of posting advertisement online is to get extensive coverage and to enjoy lower marketing cost. It also keeps you away from long-term advertising contracts and the cost of it. Apart from this, it provides straight delivery goals and technology to filter the ads too.

Implementing Blockchain on AD tech can have many advantages, so, agencies like DIGIASAP has been trying to implement this technology to bring transparency to the backend section of the online advertising industry. This upcoming solution will bring advertisers and publishers to save resources by providing security and ensuring the reliability of collected and purchased data.

How Are Startups Trying To Leverage Blockchain Technology?

Let me explain you this with a recent example.

Do you know that Cash Ur Drive recently tied with up DIGIASAP to leverage their marketing efforts?

Cash Ur Drive is an advertising company which has become viral for providing brand advertising space on cars. They advertise in moving vehicles and have multiplied their customers and clients. Now they have collaborated with DIGIASAP (a digital marketing company) as they want to excel in the online marketing too. 

So how this tie-up will leverage Blockchain technology?

Actually, DIGIASAP has been providing a powerful and impactful digital marketing services and is now trying to implement Blockchain technology on Ad Tech(which would be a bonus for Cash Ur Drive). The company has highly professional marketing experts who are providing a helping hand to the startups.

That was just an example of the startup. Other than that, businesses like banking, law, diamonds, shipping, livestock, etc. are also adopting blockchain technology.

Big banks are also planning to use Blockchain technology to redesign the SWIFT system that could be used for Global interbank transfers.

If you are running a startup and want to leverage your marketing efforts using BlockChain technology, you can learn from the above example of Cash Ur Drive and DIGIASAP collaboration and turn things around for yourself.

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