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50 Essential Ecommerce Website Development Checklists

50 Essential Ecommerce Website Development Checklists to Launch your Online Store.

50 Essential Ecommerce Website Development Checklists

Monday December 30, 2019,

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Are you starting an eCommerce business? Read this article to make your effective online store. E commerce is the most popular online transaction business which drives more organic traffic. Stats revealed that eCommerce increases most of US retail growth.  

Due to the enormous growth of this online business, all the vendors want to upgrade from a physical store to an online store to achieve their business goals. Web design and website development are important parts of developing an online store. The top eCommerce business sites like Amazon, Flip-kart, are gaining success as they design the site according to their customer needs. 

50 Essential Ecommerce Website Development Checklists

50 Essential Ecommerce Website Development Checklists

Advantages of Doing E commerce Business:

What kind of benefits do you attain in upgrading to online stores?  

As stated, the Amazon, Flip-kart are getting profit in this eCommerce field; you can also reach the peak of success because eCommerce helps you to:  

  1. Meet your targeted customers   
  2. Interact with your customers about their necessities 
  3. Global reach for your business  
  4. Improved business sales  
  5. Make your brand universal and popular  
  6. Achieving your business missions and visions.  

But to meet the last benefit, you have to follow some smart marketing strategies with hard work. Before you open your online store, there are some features to apply to the website to meet your customer requirements. That’s why I will mention the points of the checklist to make your task easier.  

First of all, to create the latest eCommerce website, you have to choose the reputed eCommerce development company to develop the quality and proficient site. Let’s start with the basics.  

E commerce Website Development:  

E commerce website development is the process of developing professional websites using programming languages (like JavaScript, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS) and also including technical frameworks to enrich the features of the eCommerce application.  

E commerce website development are carried out in three phases  

Front-end development where user interface is created which is responsible for any interaction  

Back-end development where server-side development t which is responsible for performing any action on websites. 

Hosting responsible for making the website available for users. 

The process will include creating the site from scratch, developing it, make proper customization, and finally including the testing process to make the app site looking perfect and amazing.  

How Will You Create Your E commerce Website?  

It’s simple. You can hire an eCommerce development company to complete your website design and development. The prebuilt website builder is having limited features. Thus, to boost the functionalities, you have to end up hiring a developer. Investing a little bit amount will help you to get a greater business outcome.  

E commerce Developer:  

E commerce developers are the one who is responsible for developing your websites with both front-end and back-end development.  

From creating the friendly user interface to the shipping page process, these developers are taking care to complete it on time. For a general website, it takes at least two months to finish along with the testing process. But the time changes depending on your requirements.  

The role of the developers includes:  

  • Developing the website with programs  
  • Testing the functionalities of the website  
  • Integrating marketing tools to promote your business  
  • Implementing analytics tools to analyze your site performance  
  • Successful launching of the websites.  

Skills to look in the best eCommerce developer:  

A fore selecting the programmers, you have to examine whether they retain the following five skills:  

  1. Programming Skills  
  2. Technical Skills  
  3. Decision Making Skills  
  4. Learning Skills  
  5. Communication Skills  


1. Programming Skills  

E commerce development needs PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML and CSS to build the websites. Your developers have to know the necessary programming languages that you opt for. Since the coders have to manage both the front-end and back end development, they have to update themselves with both end languages.  

User interface and user experience are other areas you need to careful while developing it. Both UI UX design and development play an important role in developing your eCommerce web application. They are responsible for attracting more users and converting them into your customers. 

Especially, PHP and MySQL are the two most vital languages that a web developer must know, as PHP is used to create interactive web pages and MySQL is used to manage the database. 

2. Technical Skills 

The eCommerce framework will help you to build an application quickly and with proper program flow. The page loading issues and loading speed are under the developer task. Hence the developers must know about the frameworks and technical aspects to meet the problems faced due to the servers. 

In react times angular and react are the two most popular framework which is preferred most of the developers in developing the eCommerce web application. Also, good web design includes layout, color, style, appearance, fonts, etc. So that your developer needs some creativity to make the website unique and attractive. Moreover, knowing the eCommerce working process is highly appreciated to make a good eCommerce website. 

3. Decision-Making Skills 

If any issues appeared after launching the website, your developer should have the ability to think quickly to get rid of the issues. 

Also, the developer needs patience and wants to understand your business needs carefully before handling the design tasks. 

Adapting themselves to the situation and taking immediate decisions is one of the skills that your developer possesses. 

4. Learning Skills 

Don’t expect all things from your developers because you cannot find the perfect person in the world.  

Technology is updated daily also in the eCommerce industry. Thereupon you have to choose the developers who know ins and outs of the eCommerce field. For that the developers have to be: 

  • Willing to learn new technologies. 
  • Updated with current trends by blogs or videos. 
  • Extending their networks related to eCommerce. 
  • Being active and interested. 

5. Communication Skills 

Communication is the medium to express your business ideas to the developers. If the conversation between you and the developers didn’t come up well, then the development process will not work neatly. 

So, hire the developers who are good in communication, so that they can easily discuss technical details with you. 

If you find a developer or development team with these above skills, then it will be a good start to make your project successful. After hiring the potential developer, now it’s time to create a website with the following features. As you see above there are lots of technologies and programming languages are involved in developing the eCommerce web application. And you can’t develop single handy you may need a group of developers or an eCommerce development complies help. You can hire a niche eCommerce development company to build your eCommerce store in an efficient way. 


50 Essential E commerce Website Development Checklists 

Starting an eCommerce store from scratch is not an easy task, it needs a lot of work and time to invest. So, you need to check and cross-check certain things while developing an eCommerce website.  

I am sure that these 50 eCommerce checklists will help you to make an amazing website without errors. Let’s begin. For easy understanding, I have given the checklists in six different categories. 


Information Collection Checklists: 


Content is a great aspect for every business as it represents your business details. 

Content will explain your business process to the customers. That’s why it is the first thing to consider. 

Good content must enable the following features: 

1. Easily readable sentence. 

2. Slogans are highly appreciated to draw the attention of viewers. 

3. No grammar issues found. 

4. Spelling, punctuation's, capitalization, lower case are properly placed. 

5. Text is aligned perfectly either in sentences or paragraphs. 

6. Head tags, body tags and ending tags are given correctly. 

7. Plagiarized content (text copied from other sites) are not allowed. 

8. Rhyming sentences can be used. 

9. Write an efficient blog related to your business.  

10. Collecting valued information for your blogs with copyright details. 

11. Font style, font color, font size should be given attractively. 


11. Other than content, you can upload the document files at the correct places. 

12.Upload photo, audio or video with high resolution. 

13. Proper usage of the name tag for image or video. 

14. An aligned PDF document can be placed. 

15. Links to the content and files are analyzed to know whether the back-links are pointing to the correct link. 

Contact Details:  

Customer satisfaction is important to develop an eCommerce business. The customer will communicate with you easily via any one of the following media. 

16. The information must be displayed accurately like your business residential address (optional), phone number, email-ids, social media links like Skype, Facebook id, etc.  

17. Giving all forms of contact details is a must so that the customer can keep in touch with you. The contact form’s navigation must be checked.  

18. Call to action (CTA) buttons want to work duly. 

If you are not have an enough time then hire an efficient content writer from Infinijith along with best-in-class content marketing solutions. 

Performance Checklists: 

Basic checklists are the front-end of the website used by the customers. Design the site with the best and interactive UI /UX features. 

Technical checklists are the back-end of the website which should be examined properly to gain a better user experience from the customer. The lists are continued. 

19. The page loading should be a minimum in time which should be checked in all browsers. 

20. You can ‘add to cart’ option to encourage the customers to save the product to shop in the future. 

21. The HTML and CSS codes are programmed perfectly to display the content in particular places. 

22. All the arrow navigation should point the right items or links. 

23. The product in the store should be in the category to look organized and also it will help customers to find the products quickly. 

24. Check the search button functions. 

Design Checklists: 

25. The design layout should responsive. 

26. Your website should support different browsers and also able to fit in different screen sizes like PC, Tab, Mobile (should work both in Android and iOS). 

27. All favicons have to migrate to a suitable page. 


28. The domain name must be the same as the business name. 

29. Check two times before buying the domain name. No spelling issues should have occurred. 

30. Customize the redirecting URL, so that it doesn’t make the customers navigate to the wrong sites. 

31. Also, each page URL is assigned in corresponding to the pages in the content or it should be based on keyword for that page. 

32. Try to reduce the 404 issues while your website is loading. 

33. Also, the thank you message should be displayed at the right time after the customer finishes the forms. 

Security Checklists: 

34. Make the register and login form in simple and don’t try to ask more personal details from your customer. 

35. Register and Login button must be functioned. 

36. All the customer details should be given more security; you have to gain loyalty from your customers. 

37. The SSL certificate and website license are maintained carefully. 

Marketing Checklists: 

Once the website is hosted, you have to make a promotion for your business to reach your customers. Marketing is a great way to attain targeted customers. To achieve your marketing goals, you must have to check the following lists.   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important factor to rank your website higher in the search engines. You have to concentrate on both on-page and off-page activities. You want to check: 

38. Title – It gives a solution to the searchers. A maximum of 60 characters is allowed in this title tag. 

39. Meta Description-This description will describe the business or articles in brief. So, writing this at 160 characters is mandatory to improve the search results. 

40. Keyword- Keyword is the key to SEO marketing. Use the Keyword planner and you want to pick the perfect search terms based on your targeted customers. 

41. XML sitemap- To categorize all web pages in one place to make Google find the content easier. 

42. Image alt texts should be there. 

43. On off-page, all articles, classified, directory submissions should be done regularly based on keywords. 

44. Other than SEO, you may also apply for SEM (Paid ads), SMO (Social Media Optimization) to retain your customer base. 

Analytics Checklists: 

Analyzing the result after publishing and marketing the website is necessary to improve the business to the next level. For that, you have to check: 

45. Your website must be merged with Google Analytics, a free tool to analyze the website and audience performance. 

46. Remove your IP address from Google Analytics to get only your customer performance report from different Ip addresses. 

47. Also do connect your website with other analytics tools like Webmasters, Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords), etc., 

48. Analyzing the performance regularly by promoting websites in different social mediums. 

49. Don’t forget to keep backup for all your data and customer data. 

50. Passwords are maintained securely and cache is cleared regularly to save more space in the site. 

That’s It... 

**Hurrah! Now you are having a customized, well-performing, optimized website to drive more traffic. 

To Wrap Up: 

These six categories of checklists will result in having an amazing and customer friendly website. Apply these 50 checklists points to get the stunning site.  Also, to mention: Infinijith Apps & Technologies is a leading ecommerce website development company providing you excellent eCommerce services at a minimal cost.  As a friendly environment, Infinijith developers will satisfy all the above-mentioned developer’s skills; thus, help you to build websites including these checklists features. Don’t wait and pick up your favorite developers here by interviewing the coders.

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