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8 On Page SEO Tricks to Get Top of Google - 2020

The list of on page optimisation where google derived its focus the most in 2020..

8 On Page SEO Tricks to Get Top of Google - 2020

Friday March 27, 2020,

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Do you think SEO is just about backlinks and working with technical SEO, for a long time Google is adjusting its algorithm system to look at user experience to determine ranking as well.

So guess what? Design is the key aspect of user experience -- so if you are not doing a good job with your design -- YOUR RANKING WILL SUFFER!

So today I'm going to tell you few of website design techniques that will boost your SEO traffic!

Design Your Website with Mobile First Approach

seo growth

mobile first indexing

Back in time, people use to design their website for Desktop first, well that use to work at that time since there were mostly desktop users in the world that uses the Internet to find webpages; but since 2019 -- Google has enabled its default crawling setting with mobile user agents -- means your mobile version of website will be crawled first. In modern era the majority of people are using mobile devices to search.

mostly mobile first aproach

According to statista.com 61% of mobile devices search engine crawling is done by Google -- that simply means if your mobile user experience is bad your SEO traffic is going to suffer a lot.

Make sure you've decent mobile experience of your website that deliver great experience to your users.

That simply means text must be easy to read, bit larger font sizes, well structured elements, proper spacing between lines, readable colours, clear text hierarchy -- means subheading and subheading beneath that.

If your want to deliver Rich media, Infographics, Videos and other things above the fold that may okay -- But just deliver the things that your targeted audience does really care about; And don't add anything that people may ignore or irrelevant to them.

If you do deliver above the fold that the people do want - that gonna mean they are happier with your content and your ranking should climb up over the time.

You website should be very responsive -- mean this should adopt its design over various clients -- for that you need to test it over various devices. 

Your top priority should be mobile devices experiences. You may use the Chrome browse Inspect Element Tools and then use toggle devices toolbar user which you'll you have so many devices options to test your websites look and rending functionality.

Make Your Website loads Faster as Possible

page speed desktop

page speed for desktop

You should consider using CDN networks -- Content Delivery Network -- Which host your assets like images, css, js files to other network which usually compress the size of your assets and deliver them fast.

page speed mobile

page speed mobile

To test the website speed -- you can use Google Page Speed Test Tool 

You'll get so may suggestion to make your sites fasters and your bad practices that are causing your website to deliver the content faster.

Page speed has now become Google mobile crucial SEO ranking factor -- If any of user has slow network and searching for your keyword over Google, the only results will be displayed from faster websites.

Use Google Mobile Friendly Testing Tool

mobile friendly test tool

This tool will help you meet Google design standards, you should use the fetch and render feature on Google Search Console as well cause there is displayed useful information how Google sees your page for mobile and desktop version.

Organise Your Content in Meaningful Way

So when you look at design just about mobile friendly but if your content are not put with a meaningful way -- people will come to your website and will say -- Hey I'm not getting any value out of it. For better organising your content go on reading further..

Simplify Your Navigation 

Don't mess up with your menus by putting all kind of categories or tags and adding links that the people don't need them, make sure you add most important categories on your navigation that way people will get the main things that they actually looking for easily.

All of the unimportant stuffs you can put them on sidebar or the footer of your website.

Use Better Headings Hierarchy

Use one H1 heading and then subdivide your page text with other h2 further under them use h3 to extra divide your h2 sections. Just like a book organises their chapters. You can go upto h6..

Its help people and search engines too to navigate your contents since people now a days may not have the time to read thru entire 5000 words of your article -- they most of time wanted to look a specific piece of contents.

Navigational Links to Contents

Think about wikipedia table of contents: For a long type of contents there should be navigational links or in other words there should be a table of contents so that people can easily narrow thru the content they are looking for by just heading the table link and rest things will browser do.

Don't Force People to Read Thousands of Words

Sometime webmasters hide the main contents or products and put lot of texts on their websites under which the main products is become difficult to find over 4000 of word contents. You should show the first and clear way above the fold that does really matter -- for example you talked lot about a product and you put the pricing of your product somewhere at bottom that is hard to find. For a 25% of customers, prices does really matter and they look at this at the first sight. That may cause such customers annoying experience and likely to hit back button back to search results.

Take an Expert Advice

If you are really serious about your online business there's nothing wrong to take an expert advisory with any of SEO company -- issuing $100 to any SEO expert company may return with thousands of dollars in long run.

Final Words

If we look at the overall picture of this article we can easily figure out that we must focus on our audience interaction experience with our web touch point instead of much focusing search engine optimisation techniques.