An Expert's Guide on Rocketing Your Music to Spotify Playlists

An Expert's Guide on Rocketing Your Music to Spotify Playlists

Friday October 04, 2019,

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What would an expert suggest you, for topping the charts and rocketing your music to spotify playlists to get it played by thousands and millions?

And while we are about to discuss this thing, it will be the first important to discuss that why should you really move to Spotify? What has it got which you can’t do on your own or which some other platform will not be able to provide you with?

Spotify and its importance

Well as it turns out, Spotify is one of the biggest streaming platforms out there. With over 200 millions users under its hood, you can listen to millions of songs for free and get millions of plays on your tunes if you are an artist. And a lot more, if you are a paid subscriber! And for a subscriber, it’s a great thing to be part of the premium plan which is available on Spotify.

When we talk about your scenario, as a music artist, then again certainly there’s ample room for you to shine.  For a platform which is this big, certainly you get a lot of stuff to take home. It’s so big, that once you get a blue tick in front of your name, you will never fall short of plays, followers and likes.

So how can soar up your business? Let’s have a look at it, and let’s also look at some of the ways, which an expert would suggest, in order to reach the top and score your dozen of Spotify plays.

An expert’s guide

An expert would say that if you are handling stuff on your own, then you will have to be precise about everything.

Starting off, the most important thing would be to bring everything to Spotify.

Yes you heard it right, that you will have to upload all your songs or podcasts over Spotify to get plays on all your stuff over one platform. In fact, creating a separate profile and a playlist for all your tracks will give peace of mind to you, as well as your fans. When you will bring everything under a single hood, then even your fans will like it as they will not have to scroll inside the genre playlists. 

Some experts also say that at the beginning of your career, if you are getting the opportunity of collaborating with some of the popular artists, or if you are getting the chance of working under a label, then you shouldn’t reject it because getting spotted on some label would bring a lot of plays on your music which you won’t get so easily if doing it by yourself.

Working on your own and handling all matters on your own isn’t a bad thing at all. But, if you work under a label name, or even work with some of the established artists of your industry, then it will be a lot easier for you to gain a fan base. Your new Spotify followers will put likes and play your songs, raising the rankings of your music, isn’t it a great idea?

When you start working with those top quality artists, then straightway you will gain the experience of working on a big stage. And that experience can be useful to you, for the rest of your life. In fact, even if you have some weak points, then you will get the chance to improve them and work towards a brighter future.

3) For reaching the top of every playlist, you will have to promote your tracks over every possible platform which exists.

Spotify has got a huge fan base or community you can say, on Facebook. And therefore just when you get to know this valuable stat, you should start working towards a Facebook profile which will attract some of those community members! Another bright idea is to create promotional videos and host it on YouTube and Instagram while marketing it on these platforms. And whichever social media platform you use, just do not forget to link your Spotify profile in the description! Buying Spotify plays on your songs during the period you do a promotion would make your songs look demanded to your visitors and listeners. It may sound like some fake stuff, but the result of dozens of organic plays and likes and a rapidly growing exposure is worth doing it.

On platforms such as Instagram, you can upload artwork or even the cover of your album to show it to the world. Instagram is all about high quality photos, and when you will upload your creative album cover, users will get attracted to your work and you will be able to score more Spotify plays! But creating an offspring of video and audio preview and putting it in Stories along with doing a regular post would bring a much better result. You’ll see your songs fruiting with more and more plays and likes. Doing it on Instagram the best way would drive new following and listeners to your Spotify account and that means more likes, more plays, and more fans overall.


4) More than that, do not forget to organize meetups with your fans, in order to know their point of view towards your songs and you as a music artist. If you connect with your fans on a personal level, then there are high chances that you will acquire more fans.

When you’d keep a close eye on all these things, then ultimately you will be able to rocket your music over all the playlists!