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Friday April 06, 2018,

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In this technology-driven era, the companies have realized that if they want to become the sovereign of this era, then they need some robust mobile applications which will firmly establish their presence in the market. Hence, these days mobile apps are not the options rather they became a necessity for the companies.


There are nearly 1 million mobile apps in the app store are grappling for users' attention almost in every category. Therefore, it is very important for the companies to design an app which possesses a high-end aesthetic and matches with the need of the customers. In this article, we will help you to stay updated with the smarter insights and best mobile UI design trends in 2018.

Let’s check out some of the top mobile app design trends, 2018.

Simplicity and comfort: Though these days, we are giving more priority to UX/UI, Amazon and Twitter proved that there is still a need for simple and comfortable designs in the market. If you don’t distract your users with over-the-top graphics and extremely detailed typography, then they will certainly pay more attention to your content. And, this should be your first priority if you want to make some best-designed apps, 2018. Your designers don’t need expertise on custom text effects, detailed icons or repeating textures rather by using their skill set, they can create a simple interface which can easily grab the attention of your users.

Overlapping effect: this is another popular app design trends, 2018 which will be ruling in the field of mobile app development trend, 2018. The overlying of illustrations and effects will not only make your depiction more enchanting yet additionally make a feeling of extent. If you overlap same elements along with shadows, then this will also turn the entire mobile application interface plans all the more intriguing and beautiful. That’s why overlying of distant mobile app UI design elements has been used by the app designers and this will continue to rule in 2018 and upcoming years also.

Use bold color and font contrast: Try to use strong color and font contrast because this can help your designers to work out a superb UI perspective which can attract the attention of the users the off chance that you utilize text styles in various styles, sorts, sizes or requests, at that point this can likewise convey a feeling of order and space. In addition, shading in various kinds and styles will make your plans more vivid and will likewise upgrade the coherence. So, bold color and font contrast are the popular mobile design trends, 2018.

Add animations and interactions: Whether you are planning for best-designed apps in Android or best-designed iOS apps, adding an activity or connections to symbols, text styles, photographs, and catches of a versatile UI interface. This is also known as micro interaction and was introduced by Dan Saffer. Micro interaction means you need to include more cooperation plans for a few points of interest of portable application interfaces. This will help your clients to speak with applications effectively and advantageously. This will definitely be a good app trend in 2018.

Voice-activated interfaces: This will simply the users’ job. Like in Siri where you can undoubtedly begin or sign in a voice-actuated portable application with your voice arranges as opposed to clicking any catch. In 2017, the portable applications which have voice requesting administrations turned into the most well-known applications in 2018, this trend will grow rapidly.

Biometrical authorization: This could be another popular mobile technology trends, 2018.  Applications that utilization biometric-based innovation doesn't the requirement for a conventional login necessity. With biometrics, the main prerequisite is for some particular physiological or behavioral qualities like facial acknowledgment, fingerprints, or even voice acknowledgment. According to the study of Apple, a normal iPhone client, by and large, opens his gadget 80 times each day and about, 89% of them utilize Touch ID for opening the gadget. In 2018, biometrics will be more accessible and you will see more use of biometrics in mobile app design.

More focus on VR or AR: As technologies are inventing day by day, so it is expecting that in 2018, VR and AR will manage to capture more attention from the users. This will definitely create multifarious opportunities for the app designers who are looking to upgrade their designs based on the current needs.

Hero images: The future of mobile apps and their development is very scintillating. Another prominent 2018 UX trend is to use some hero images in the apps aesthetically. These hero images are enough capable of replacing stereotyped banners and carousels and will certainly create a wow effect on the users. A company can also provide a short tagline or a call to action on the hero image in order to enhance its beauty. If you want to retain your customer, then it would be a very effective way to implement some hero images on your app. By seeing these hero images, a user can easily get an idea regarding what the app.

Mixing different design trends: In order to design an aesthetically beautiful app, designers often mix two or three designs instead of one. For example, they will regularly receive overlapping effects, animations and bold color to give much better and unforeseen impacts.

The above, we mentioned some of the top UI design mobile app trends, 2018. Mobile app designs are very intricate and changeable things as per users’ demands. So, your designers should stay updated with the design trends and must be enough creative to produce some eye-catching versatile application UI plans with unmistakable interfaces and great client encounters.