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IQ vs. EQ

IQ vs. EQ

Saturday April 01, 2017,

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We all know the full form of IQ and EQ i.e intelligence quotient and emotional quotient. We come across lot many people in our daily lives. And we all differ from each other a lot but what is that thing which keeps us together? It is our EQ . We all know who all have a greater IQ but do we know them who have greater EQ? Rarely, not much.

A person with higher IQ can go ahead in his/her career in a formal organization but in an informal organization it won`t be easy because there you need both IQ and EQ. Mostly it is found that people with higher IQ lacks EQ and it becomes very difficult for them to maintain a social life. They are only better in their professional life.

A person with higher EQ can have a much better social life also a professional life. But may not have a very good professional life. But nowadays both IQ and EQ is required in every field. Of whatever profession you belong , you need to have a balance between the both.

You have to understand the people around you, their feelings, their emotions in every aspects. You have to build up relations with them and not only that you have to maintain these relations too.It is easy to make relations with others but very difficult to keep them . 

A person lacking EQ will not have a good social life and a person lacking IQ may not have a bright career. Usually IQ is chosen all above but it is very important to understand that you need both of them.You can`t live a life with out friends, relatives , social life. You cannot also live a life with out money. So, it is necessary for everyone to maintain a balance between the two.

Is it easy to grow your EQ level? No. It takes lots of time. To grow your EQ level you should stay in touch with your community, you should communicate with your collegues. It is not easy to understand people around you. At the same time you need to keep in mind that it should not affect your work. Work should be there in its place.

Now, for those who wants to grow their level of IQ? Well it is very common but with practice it will be achieved by you very soon. There are certain things which you need to keep in mind. To grow your IQ level you should practice more and more mathematics, because it is good mental excercise. If you are getting low marks in your maths exam then also practicing more will help you a lot.If you are scared of maths then it will be very difficult for you to cope up as you fear will slower down your self esteem. You have to overcome your fear.  You can also solve puzzles and play chess they are also good for mental exercise. But the best I feel is doing maths. Though lot many people scare others but seriously telling there is nothing to be scared of once you are through with your concepts.

The next thing is self analysis. It is very important for everyone to know about his/her strength and weaknesses . Because self analysis plays a very important role in each and every ones life.Whether you are a person with higher IQ or a person with higher EQ. Self analysis will help you to know yourself more deeply.

Both EQ and IQ are important but generally we focus on IQ than EQ. IQ will give you bright career and EQ will give you a social life for a charming life. This article is named as IQ vs EQ just to show that they both are important. No one among them can be given more priority because in todays life one cannot progress without anyone of them.

Keeping good relations with the family at the same time giving your focus in your business will give a more happier life. Nothing should be compromised with your professional and personal life.