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Heading to Bangalore for office meeting? Tips to abide by

Heading to Bangalore for office meeting? Tips to abide by

Friday May 19, 2017,

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Bangalore is also known as the Silicon Valley of India and only rightly said so; it remains one of the major hubs for businesses from around the world. Several top IT companies grace their presence in Bangalore, and the current start-up culture has its origins in this city! People travel back and forth to this metropolis on a regular basis, and it can be tough to deal with life if you are a frequent business traveler. If you fall in the same category, where you travel more than an average business person, then these tips are here to help you.

Non-Stop Flights

There is a difference between Non-Stop flights and a direct flight. Most people think they are one and the same thing, but it is not. Frequent fliers understand the different and opt for non-stop flights rather than direct flights. A non-stop flight stops nowhere, while a direct flight may stop, but you will remain seated. While on a business travel, it is imperative to save time, and non-stop flights help you accomplish that. They are also convenient, and you will be less stressed out at the end of the day!


One of the biggest expense on an office meeting is the hotel. Choosing one from the best hotels in Bangalore can be a challenge since all of them offer world-class amenities and services. Travel websites like Yatra make the process of finding the right hotel seamless and easier. The number of offers on their website will ensure you have the best bang for your buck. The choice of your hotel depends on how much you want to spend, and with a website like Agoda, Expedia and more, you can be assured of finding the best deal. You can even look for hotels with a gym and workout post a meeting. It helps to stay active and alert and will keep your energy levels high.

Single Bag

It is imperative to carry light luggage and keep the number of bags minimum. It eliminates the need for checking-in the hotel which can save your time spent in a queue. It also allows you to move swiftly and you will be less tired at the end of your journey. Pack only essentials and cut down on a redundant piece of clothing and shoes.

Charge Devices

Before you board a flight makes sure your gadgets are charged, these include your smartphones, laptops, and power banks. The last thing you possible want is a dead smartphone on arrival. Carry a portable charger and make sure it is charged too!


India is still developing, and there are minimal public Wi-Fi hotspots. Make sure you buy a data pack, and that it is activated while your roaming from one state to another. Talk with your cell phone service provider and negotiate a better price for data roaming. You do not want to miss out an important email or a calendar invite while you are traveling for your business meeting.

Eat Smart

Don’t be too adventurous with food while on a business trip, keep it straightforward and hygienic. Find lounges where your credit card gives you a better offer. Also, drink bottled mineral water. Eat a lot of green vegetables, and only eat from trusted restaurants. You do not want to get sick before an important business meeting.

The most significant thing for a business traveler is to travel comfortably. Travel websites like Yatra, GoIbibo, MakeMyTrip offer brilliant deals on hotels in Bangalore, flights and more. They also make the process easier and seamless. Make sure you check them out! Since a business traveler must make the most of their trip, it is advisable to follow these tips for a hassle-free and success business tour