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Why is Education Important for Women?

Why is Education Important for Women?

Wednesday January 23, 2019,

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Have we ever asked ourselves these basic questions:- What is education? Why education is important? What is the meaning of education? Is it a basic right for everyone? These questions still make sense and aren’t racist. However, asking that ‘Why is education important for women?’ is a completely prejudiced opinion because it makes us think that men are entitled with the right of education just because they are men.

The definition of education is vast but we can sum it up in a line saying- ‘education is development and growth of oneself’. Education makes us capable of acquiring new skills and being able to communicate with others in a civilized manner. Education is the basic right of everyone and therefore while providing education facilities, we should not discriminate among genders or sexes. Unfortunately, this discrimination still prevails in many parts of the world and therefore it is a need to make people understand that women also deserves to be educated and it is their basic right too just like men.

Let us look at the main points for importance of girls education:

1. It is their basic right

First of all, education is the basic right for everyone and when we say everyone we should not forget that women are also a part of this lot. Society has a large population of women and we cannot have such a large population as illiterate, it will be our huge loss. All the girls and women whether they are rich, poor, young, old, married, unmarried, widow or with any social status have their basic right of education. Education is not a privilege but a fundamental right.

2. It will bring equality in the society

Inequality and discrimination always start from root level. When a boy goes to school and his sister stays back just because she’s a girl this sows a seed of discrimination in the mind of the boy. He feels that he is superior just because he is a boy and with no sensible logic to prove it. When women participate in education by going to schools and colleges with boys, the boys realise the basic rights of education and don’t develop a superiority complex. So, educating women along with men promotes the idea of equality and democracy.

3. It makes them independent and builds their confidence

It is absolutely true that education makes a person independent. Education provides us with the skills to make ourselves capable of offering services to others and earning a livelihood. If women become educated and earn for themselves then they don’t have to depend on their family for anything. This builds their confidence and makes them take their decision on their own. They realise their worth and their uniqueness. Therefore, education for women is really important in making women independent and confident.

4. It leads to development of the nation

Women make approximately 50% of the total population. If they are left uneducated then a large part of the nation will not be contributing towards its growth which is a major problem. Therefore, educating women will promote the development of a country.