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Top trending technology in IOS application you should grab in startup launch

There are a lot of trending technology avail in the world for IOS but this article discussed some of most trending technology that you should aware of and also implemented in your startups.

Top trending technology in IOS application you should grab in startup launch

Thursday December 07, 2017,

9 min Read


There are tons of application today available for iPhone and IPad Devices. There is no doubt that application brought in to app stores by solopreneur, business, entrepreneur or organization which goal is either selling their paid stuff or through it provide information about their product or through that they marketing or through that deliver useful information or whatever things stands but at the result they got better placement of brand to audience.

The reason behind to choose IOS platform is either case mobile application over IOS platform is a strong and deliver in a fruitful channel as a bit over other platform or channel. A second reason is the smartphone mobility of IOS can hardly replace it.

Do you know IOS platform is also one of the best platforms which grab a massive audience? Let check through below graph.


So now you realize that how many user active in a year and this is one platform I personally think never going to be down just because of people love this platform and Apple also provide new feedback every time by bringing new technology in devices.

So iPhone app development has become most important part to be considered by business owner. If you don’t then you missed out an essential opportunity to build a strong online presence. 

Let browse some of the most downloaded IOS mobile application that user frequently like to use in their daily life.


• Snapchat

• Youtube

• Messenger

• Finger Spinner

• Instagram

• Ballz

• Facebook

• Bitmoji

• Google Maps

• Spotify Music

• Netflix

• Uber

• Waze

• Clash of Clans

• Whatsapp

• Pinterest

• Amazon

• Spinner Vs Monster

LoL, I have a broad list even possible 100 or 1000 most popular mobile application that I am in a place to provide you. In short, understand that how IOS application is a most important part of your business.

We all know how all application mention upper are popular and we can see all of or all most on every IOS Devices. Am I wrong? Do you know what happened if this application not being introduced? Do you know what if this application in future not avail? Yes, we can't live without this types of application because some of that provide entertainment, some help in life and many other ways we used this IOS mobile application.

Let’s just only one example now I am giving to you. IOS version of Clash of Clans is generated gross revenue around more than 2,013,452 and this result is provided by Thinkgaming.

So this is one of big example to realize you and showing how IOS mobile application generates than any other platform or any other form.

Now I want to ask some few question and I need an answer by your heart.

Did I inspire you by this?

Did you want to be next like Clash of Clans?

Did you want to make a clone of clash or clans?

Do you want massive revenue from you IOS mobile application?

Think Clash of Clans is one game which has succeeded to this level even if I provide one by one so there are 100+ example I have. But something making clone is hard to find and achieve a single percentage of what Clash of Clans achieve daily.

If you have plan of your business application on IOS mobile application based startup, so let I bring to top trending technology information which attracting to you to go on that way.

So let’s dirty hands on some useful data i.e. 'Top Trending Technology in IOS Application You Should Grab in Startup Launch'.

1- Gaming Application


According to Entertainment Software Association (ESA) estimate, 155 million American plays video game either online based or offline based.

According to eMarketer US revenue grow 16.5% to over $3 billion in the gaming industry.

Even 25% of 2.2 million IOS application is part of gaming application category.

So this is proof that how gaming industry grows i.e. entrepreneur, companies and investor are totally look toward to gaming industry and especially IOS gaming application to generate massive revenue.

2- Business


Business is a second biggest category in IOS mobile application i.e. 9.87%.

The business application is those who especially browse by some of especially category people who are interested in services, product and information.

Today business application is a most important part of the business because people are more like to browse each and everything regard company by companies application.

Even company now making application for other several companies likewise HR management system, Inventor management system, Customer management system, Project Management system, ERP system and many more SaaS system solution which many businesses would like to use.

3- Education


Today more people are interested to learn from online medium. Even most of the times, people like to browse online lecture through some of the chosen application. If I give you example so two is my favorite one is Udemy and second is Lynda. Even if we talk about the category of IOS app in term of education so reserve 8.56% strength. Today people like to learn playfully like games, the workbook provides gamming assignment, puzzles, and traditional game learning, build their own content by kids and even interactive encyclopedias.

So startup has one of the best choices to choose to have a background in education, learning and teaching and that become most part to invest in a company in the world of mobility.

4- Lifestyle


Before going ahead I will share something.

For wakeup, I am using application.

For a morning, evening and infect my whole schedule I used application.

For exercise and fitness, I used application.

Even I am using vary mobile application for vary purpose.

IOS lifestyle category application reserve 8.67% space.

But what term in lifestyle application avail?

there are a lot of include in lifestyle application like fitness app, a fitness game, online food order, mobile and e-wallet, personal finance management, a shopping application, route planning application and much more.

So as a startup in this industry is best and right choice for you.

5- Entertainment


Today people are more like to use video via an application, face changing, image editing, ticker reserve, music streaming and much more. Even entertainment category reserve 6.13% space overall in IOS application.

As startup idea, this is one of the best options to integrate while application built. Even lots of startup already being accepted this scenario and even implemented on their application.

6- AR & VR


This is one of the best options to integrate augmented reality or virtual reality in a business application. augmented reality and virtual reality not just used in gaming stream if you think so let you clear. augmented reality and virtual reality is used in medical stream, fashion, retail industry, real estate industry and much more. So if your startup is similar like this or wants to think that this helping to your business so iPhone app development company help you to integrate AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality) in your business application.

Today gaming is one leading that used AR and VR technology. Even Pokémon go is the best example fit for AR based game.

If we talk about future of AR and VR so it is very important to notify you that your investment is not going to be worthless because next future is in itself on that.

7- Cloud-based application


There is no doubt about a not single person not using Cloud-based system. Yes, that is second things that you don't know but indirectly something you were done is the magic of cloud technology. Even everyone from user to tech person is learned from cloud technology that they got tremendous benefit from cloud technologies application. 

Even most of the user is eager to connect application that supporting them and provide Cloud-based application. Today connectivity with the cloud is very important to browse your document portably. IF not use cloud still than you are not able to stay in this technology world. So if your startup idea belongs to this so there is no doubt that you chosen a bad field. As a research of Cisco says that application which uses cloud technologies that achieve 90% more mobile data traffic by 2019.

8- Wearable Devices


Do you know people are now more looking to wearable devices application one of example i given below.

- For fitness people are using how much run, how much breath in second and much more by checking in mobile application

- For health people are using those application with wearable devices which shows heart bit and more other stuff.

- For calling purpose people like use wearable devices that not just notify you about call incoming but also without any physical moment by hand they able to talk entire in call.

- For 3D entertainment purpose people use highly worth wearable devices with cool application.

So companies now change way in to wearable i.e. launches wearable devices and theirs application that synchronize with smartphone.

So if you are launching application so thinks also in terms of wearable technologies too.

9- iBeacon Technology


Before going to ahead i give you scenario and as per that understand how iBeacon change way of retail industry and many other industry.

Scenario -

Let you want to eat lunch or dinner in restaurant and plan to go for that. Once you reach to restaurant and enter suddenly one greeting message arrive - "Welcome, to XYZ restaurant”. Once you seat to chair again one menu message come -"What would you like to taste from our restaurant" and followed by menu with price. Once you finished you lunch or dinner again one message come - 'is there any apart from this you need to taste”. Once you complete your lunch or dinner so again one message come for bill pay. At the end when you leave a restaurant so again good bye greeting message come.

Learn from scenario -

When you provide your customer something value and treat in best way so second time even many time whenever looking for your industry services so first prefer choice is your business. Even they influenced their friend about your business and services too.

Even I have lot of example regards how iBeacon technologies shape our business personally recommended to you use iBeacon technologies for your business’ am big friends of iBeacon technologies and you have too.

Conclusion -

So when launching IOS app before that verify that whether your IOS application development include any trending technology. I am just saying that if not include now so probably in future you have to and at that time you have spent more money. So it is better that parallel add both functionality. Even business need to stay and understand what are new technology and trends are to drive Apple's IOS ecosystem. So by follow these trends and technology enable your business come up with application which have most chance to done well on the Apple App Store.