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Freedom from ____ which is holding you back from ____ since ___

By the end of article I hope you will be able to complete this sentence

Freedom from ____ which is holding you back from ____ since ___

Saturday August 12, 2017,

5 min Read

We were ruled by Britishers for 190 years approx (1757 - 1947) but we realized this in 1857 which led to Revolt of 1857 . It took us 100 years to realize that we are not free or something very wrong will happen if this continues for long and then it took 90 years to throw them out. I just want to focus on the thought that, being ruled by something material or immaterial is bad but its worse when we don't even realize that we are being ruled. I want to relate it with the things happening in our lives.

Google image credit

Google image credit

We all are working out there to lead a wonderful life but there are always few things which holds us back from chasing our wishes or goals which are kept in a corner of our brain and we don't realize this. Each one of us have thought of doing things at some point of time. It can be after getting job, after getting married, or from next week. Things may be

1. Workout - One of the trending things which gets postponed or delayed 

2. Reading habit - It may be newspaper or books 

3. Eating "Healthy" food

4. Freelancing

5. Going for higher studies

6. Staring own venture

7. Start writing articles/blogs

According to us, things which are holding us back are resources like time(biggest), money, or a partner who can accompany us. But in reality actual reasons are

1. Comfortable & easy life style or a comfortable job (its better to say less challenging) - Easy and comfortable life style or job decreases human energy level and decreases his craving for growth. There is a small story over this and you will understand what I am trying to say.

   Once there was a poor farmer living with his family in a village. He had big land but he didn't do farming on that. He has a buffalo and selling that milk is his main source of income. One day two men(1 saint and his pupil) visited his place. They asked the farmer why he didn't use that land as a source of income he replied, we are earning enough to survive why to bear risk and hardwork of farming. Both men stayed in his house for a night. In the mid night that saint woke up and killed his buffalo. Net morning they both left his house. Farmer didn't knew who did that. Af ter few years that student asked his teacher(saint) why did you kill that buffalo. He told him to visit that farmer and you will get your answer. He visited that farmer's house and he saw a proper house and green big land full of crops, that farmer welcomed him and told few days later when you visited our place everything got changed. Our buffalo was killed and we were left with no source of income and then I decided to do farming on my land and now I am considering a considerable amount of income more than what is required for living.

Find your buffalo and kill it. This might feel dis-comfortable or messy in starting because our minds are build to resist any change either good or bad. 

2. Lack of priorities - When there are no defined priorities in life, our energy or resources get drained; Days, weeks and years are passed and we are still on the same place.

3. Your social network(not Facebook) - If we are always surrounded with people who are held back with some things and don't want to realize it.

4. Less habitual of saying "NO" to things


5. Thinking of those who don't believe in me rather than who believe

6. Our own created fears - Every child is born in this world with just one fear in his mind i.e. Fear of falling down. He only gets frightened only when he is going to fall down or going to hurt by anything physically. But rest of, all our fears are developed by our society or by us. 


Many of you might think, its not feasible for me. It is easier for him to do this because he is having "X" thing which I don't have. But going this way you are only elongating the list of "X" things, which is a futile exercise.

I think now you can complete your sentence. For me it is 

Freedom from my own created fears and thinking of those who don't believe in me rather than who believe which was holding me back from starting writing article or blog since last 10 months.

One quote I read some where in book 

One best time to plant was 20 years ago and the second best time is today

Biggest thing which can help you out is to sit along with your fears and set your priorities. I used to talk about priorities a lot, many of my friends know about this. There is a best way to set your priorities which I have been following and suggested many of my friends. I have learned this in one of my induction programs in the very first company where I started working. Do these things seems complicated to you ? Why not start with a baby step towards it and by next 15th August change your Freedom statement. This was my baby step towards my freedom. What is yours? You can share your Freedom statement in comment section.