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How young earners can make profits by investing with a discount brokerage

How SAS Online changed the way of trading in stock markets 

How young earners can make profits by investing with a discount brokerage

Thursday May 18, 2017,

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Siddhant Jain (COO )and Shrey Jain (CEO) with his team

Siddhant Jain (COO )and Shrey Jain (CEO) with his team

The investment industry is now moist with the rainfall of discount brokerages offering really low, standardized prices for trading online, regardless of the size of the unit. A new era of investing revolution is taking place in the country that seems to turn its back hard towards the dull conventions of Dalal Street!

Is it simply the same millennial mentality of DIY (doing it yourself) or is there something more to this paradigm shift in investor mindset, which increasingly more and more investors are adopting? The COO of the successful bootstrapped fintech company, SAS Online (South Asian Stocks) describes why young India must turn to discount brokerages, despite their lack of experience in the trading.

We asked Siddhant Jain, to answer our burning questions about investments for young earners as well as the choice between discount brokerages amongst other platforms.

Can young earners truly benefit from trading with discount brokerage firms rather than full service brokerages?

Most discount brokerages are refreshingly new, highly dependent on advanced technology with their focus on “new age” kind of services that young earners look for. It often so happens with major full-service brokerages that they struggle to put forth perfectly transparent, fast and reliable solutions when needed by the investors.

Also young earners are more comfortable with services online, rather than traditional ones. Apart from clear communications through email and phone, most platforms also offer the feasibility of quick response through chat. Moreover, keeping with the turn of time many have recently became highly active and easily reachable on social media platforms as well. Times are changing so, why not change the old ways of investing?!

But what truly brings benefit for all investors whether young or old with trading online through discount brokerages, is the fact that the reputable ones are very transparent about their charges and deliver exactly what they promise, which conveys trust amongst clients.

When does stock trading online turn to gambling with serious side-effects? Should someone starting their career consider online trading?

Stock trading or any other activity can take the turn of becoming gambling if only done out of proportion of one’s risk capacity. One must have a clear assessment of their own risk capacity before they start and should take it slow and steady, to build up their portfolio gradually. Moreover, discount trading platforms with the lowest in the industry brokerage plans help such ambitious careerists even more so; as they are not paying hefty brokerage fees for their trading.

What suddenly led to discount brokerages being the solution against all the problems with other trading platforms?

The problems with traditional trading platforms are mostly in terms of lacking in transparency and weak customer service. So, the answer was to address these pain points and create a standardized fee structure that was competitive and valuable for the clients and that led the birth of the concept of discount brokerages. Now there is still an ongoing struggle to come up as the brand that customers can implicitly trust, which is a constant for all businesses.

What is the sure shot way for a brokerage to lose customers?

If you only treat your clients as simply traders who use your services, overlooking their needs then you will lose your customers. We believe in a philosophy of treating our client akin to our partners in business, which is why we have earned their trust. This clearly shows because, more than 60% of our new accounts are through referrals.

How to take back control over one’s investments?

The strategy for being successful as an investor is simple – if you are continuously losing more than you can afford to, then you have lost you way!and when it comes to trusting discount brokerage or anything new, the old adage in marketing prevails – when everyone else is heading towards the same direction, your best chances lie in the opposite one!