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Human Resource: Why Being A HR Is Most Underrated Job

Most of the IT industries are not serious about HR profile, they treat them like a receptionist. We are not judging a receptionist role, but the point is an HR is a very important pillar of any company, So let respect them.

Human Resource: Why Being A HR Is Most Underrated Job

Monday June 17, 2019,

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HR is the easiest job in the corporate world? Do you understand any technical terms? Can you make a coffee? Does Rangoli making is your passion? Phew! Sound vexatious. Being an HR, you definitely heard these lines in your professional career. You are dominating in your work, but your hard work doesn’t recognize in the company. Human resource management is one of the toughest jobs because it required immense responsibility and dedication towards the company. So in this piece of content, we are going to discuss Human Resource Management and also addressing why being a HR is the most underrated job.

“It seems like a piece of cake to working as HR profile, but it’s not as easy as it looks. An HR strives to bring the best team for the company, also fed creativity in the working culture” said Madhuri Chaniyara, HR Manager at Acquaint SoftTech. She also quoted “ HR faces many problems every day regarding the company, but never recognize as the face of the company”.

Human Resource

History Of Human Resource Management:

The job profile “Human Resource” originally came into the action in the 1960s, it was an era of white collar and laborers jobs that formed in the manufacturing industries. Most of the people who worked as laborers were illiterate, thus, they found very tough to render their demands with the management. So to fill the gap between white collar and labor job profile, A more mediate job profile came into action and that was Human Resource.

The name “Human Resource” first minted by John R. Commons, a pioneering economist, in his book "The Distribution of Wealth," which was published in 1893. So we can say, it was not until the 19th century when the duty of Human Resource has organized the company task and manage employees. Human Resource management is also known as HRM, Personnel or talent management. We all are concordant on a point that the duties of HRM are shaping in the new form.

Now HR is not the only works as a mediator between employees and employer, they tend to work as a “toy of joy”, HRM is responsible to enrich the creativity and feeding competitive nature in employees by molding work-load into a healthy workaholic environment. Also, they encourage new ideas and spread it to the entire company module. But the story always brings climax... similar happen with the HRM, IT industry mistook the job profile of HR.

Most Underrated Job For A Reason…

As we know, IT industries depend on developers and marketing team. Developers always tend to hardworking, busy with keyboards and playing with codes all day. While everybody just glued with the computer screen, an HR is the only one who roaming around the office, so the point is, it seems mundane that a person is not giving 100% at work. That’s why most of the people can’t assume an HR can be hardworking.

What People Think About A HR Profile

What People Think About A HR Profile:

  • Craft Beautiful Rangoli For Festivals  
  • Organize Activity & Plan For Trips on the Weekends
  • Encourage Employees By Awarding them with Gifts
  • Manage Attendance & Leave Policy
  • Keeping an eagle eye on employees By CCTV Cameras
  • Try Hard to convert office space into a paradise  
  • Play Hire & Fire Game every day   
  • Whilst HR Free, they make irrelevant rules

Phew! The above assumption of the employees is showing limited resources of knowing the HR profile. In the real scenario, a HR works more than what we think. They enrich the hiring module and brings the best team for the relevant company, they manage employees, organize task, introduce the company’s vision to the employee, and last but not least they are responsible for the healthy office environment.

Let’s Think! A Corporate World Without HR...

Let’s assume, HR is not hardworking and they are just sparing time. What happens if corporate houses or IT companies will work without the HR profile? Read the below points and feel the power of this job profile.

  • It affects the company’s growth
  • It will destroy the hiring model
  • A degree will be superior to practical knowledge
  • Stressful and Emotionless working culture
  • Employees will behave like a robot
  • Good and bad employees will work on the same boat

HR Is Not A Receptionist

HR Is Not A Receptionist…

Most of the IT industries are not serious about HR profile, they treat them like a receptionist. We are not judging a receptionist role, but the thing is, both HR and receptionist are the first impression of any company, and both have so many differences. So It's irrelevant to mess up with the roles.

HR & Traffic lights Are Same...

An HR and a traffic light have many similarities like both looks fancy, both are responsible for managing the Humans, but both are hardly appreciated by human beings. To feel the value of HR, just assume a crowded road without having traffic lights, hmm! You are right it’s gonna be jam or accident.

Good HR Can Elevate The Company Growth

How A Good HR Can Elevate The Company’s Growth

  • We all are concordant that IT company relies on talented developers but have you wonder who select them. Right! HR is the only one who posted for job requirement and Hiring a suitable employee.
  • A business owner should obey the HR department because they are responsible for a healthy office environment. Extracurricular Activity may be useless for many of us, but it is the best way to empower team skills. Playing a game is enough to kill the boredom and reduce stress.
  • They are responsible for employee well being, It is the best of both worlds if employees are working as a team for the company. A good HR have a bag of tricks to give employees a bespoke solution, it makes a difference in any business.

Hypocrisy For HR

Hypocrisy For HR...

When an employee performs better with skills then CEO and colleagues going to praise him or maybe giving him a bonus. On the contrary, if a person does not match the company’s standard or not technically strong, In that case, everybody blaming the HR department for hiring a wrong one. Doesn’t it look like hypocrisy? Have any employee ever appreciate the HR job and his hard work.


While we are wrapping up, we just want to thanks all the HR out here who read this post. You are a backstage superstar of the company so stay roaring with silence and Keep your eyes on the bright side. Your effort of making a comfortable environment in the company may look irrelevant, but at Acquaint SoftTech, we respect the hard work. We fully believe that working as an HR profile is a very responsible and hardworking duty. If you found some amusing content in this post, then Keep SHARING this piece of content with your colleagues.

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