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Ten tips to create free traffic for your website

You need to have more website traffic. If you are running an online business, traffic is your lifeblood because it gives your business model to work and pay your bills.

Ten tips to create free traffic for your website

Wednesday May 10, 2017,

3 min Read

(Website Traffic Tips, Tricks and Hacks)

(Website Traffic Tips, Tricks and Hacks)

The main thing that makes a website successful is a consistent and unwavering flow of traffic and visitors. This is also a dream situation of every owner of a website as the business benefits in the terms of revenue from the high number of traffic to the website. But once a website is developed by website services in Mumbai many businesses also make the best decision to hire the best SEO in Mumbai for optimization of their websites to increase the traffic and the number of viewers but in doing so they also have to pay large expenses to these companies as their services are known to be quite expensive.

So are there any free methods or a way to increase the traffic to a company’s website? The answer is absolute yes. With the help of the following tips let us see how we can do so:

1. Blogging:

Creating a mind-boggling blog and adding a link to your website is a surefire way to increase traffic to your website. Just make sure to keep updating the blogs.

2. Commenting on other blogs:

Leave a sensible comment on other blogs of other websites which match your genre and don’t forget to add a link to your website box, if the other blog allows for the same.

3. Social networking sites:

Use the Social networking sites like Facebook for your benefit and a page that can socially represent your website.

4. Profile picture:

The profile picture you use on the different platforms should not change as it assists in branding your company and creates an identity in the minds of the viewers.

5. Search Engines:

Submitting your website to the search engines like Google and Yahoo is the wisest decision that the owner of a website can make. These search engines help increase the visibility of your optimized websites.

6. Provide free newsletter:

Use sites such as Mailchimp and create free newsletters. Also, add an e-mail subscription box that links back to your website.

7. Images for the website:

Use lots of images to your site and don’t forget to tag and name them. If you are a Google registered then you will receive diverted traffic from Google Image Search.

8. Videos for youtube:

Create videos and upload it on the youtube website along with you website link in the video as well as the description below.

9. Set up a deal with other websites:

Get in touch with other website owners to set up a deal where you mention the name and link of their website for returning the same favor by them. This is usually done in fields which are related to each other rather than in the same field.

10. Interviews:

Organize interviews of a high profile celebrity from your niche and field and post it on your website. It is more than likely that the interviewer would want to post the interview on his website. This can be linked back to your website.

If you feel it is not possible to gain free traffic to your website then read the above tips and after using them it will be justified if it is possible or not.