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Top 5 startup accelerators to make your business successful

When you start your own venture, its nice feeling to do what you love. But the market might take a little time recognising you and you get your desired market demand for your product/service. Startup accelerators can help you here.

Top 5 startup accelerators to make your business successful

Wednesday February 21, 2018,

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The best way to get a business up and run is to have a Startup Accelerator. All Startup accelerators are not created uniquely. So to know which the best Startup accelerators are for the business is very hard to find, that is because there are thousands of accelerators now a day. It is a high priority component in the creation of thousands of Startups, such familiar names like Indian Angel Network, Axilor, Stripe, Y Combinator, Ncuberoot.


They provide exactly what’s best for the Startups Knowledge, Capital, product development support, with startup accelerators there is no slowing down.

The Top Startup accelerators are:

1: Indian Angel Network

Indian Angel Network has started in 2006, in the early stage the investors keen to invest in businesses which have potential to create disproportionate value. They share a passion to create scale and value for startup ventures. Entrepreneurial Eco-Systems leaders are the members of their Network as they have had strong operational experience as CEO or a background of creating new successful ventures.

2: Axilor

Axilor is a Startup accelerator to improve the probability of success with its Business programs and venture funding. Founded by S.D. Shibulal, Kris Gopalakrishnan, Srinath Batni. Its headquarters in Bangalore but it is now an out of Indian based Startup accelerator. Axilor was born with a vision of programs like:

• Accelerator

• Scale-up

• Early Stage funding programs

Axilor investing upto INR 30 lakh and INR 6 crore in startups to have 100% success in their vision programs

3: Y Combinator

Y Combinator started in 2005, California. Made up of 60 employees and the helped many Startups and still, it remains one of the largest accelerators in the nation with an unparalleled global reputation in the tech world. There’s a strong ethos to help their Y Combinator founders, whether you need beta testers, advice about a browser bug or a connection to a particular company, all these problems can be solved.

4: 5ideas Startup Superfuel

Startup Superfuel is focused on the digital marketing asset based in India for their business. Founders are Pearl Uppal & Gaurav Kachru, digital entrepreneur has turned moneybags and launched another stage of operating ideas and professionalize to their case companies.

Their subsets of opportunities are:

• Vertical e-commerce

• SME/B2B Focused Business,

• Mobile

• BigData

• Adtech

5: Ncuberoot

Ncuberoot is a Startup Accelerator to provide a backup for different organizations and all solo freelancers to show their road to success. Most of the Startups can't get into success as they thought it would be, it is commonly seen in past few years because they don't have enough projects and a good source of income. Ncuberoot has created a platform to provide Startups more than enough project and an opportunity to rise up along with them. So that it will help you to reach the final destination of success