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Grant Cardone’s secret sauce to become successful

Grant Cardone’s secret sauce to become successful

Sunday April 12, 2020,

4 min Read

Your pursuit to live your dream is bound to have many hurdles and you’ll need distinct tools to face those hurdles. Some of those hurdles are distractions, frustration, setbacks, self-doubts, haters, etc.

A solution to those hurdles is to have an obsession. 

Is your mind dominated by an idea, thought or desire? For example,

  • Are you mesmerized by fashion or film-making?
  • Or would you rather spend your time writing or blogging?
  • Do you dream about gaming or constantly think about stock markets?

Congratulations, you can be obsessed.

Now, how can do you use this obsession to face those kinds of hurdles?

This book will help you with it. It’s about Grant Cardone’s obsession and tools he discovered to put his obsession to work. The goal of this book is to help you:

  • Tear down the average mindset put in your mind.
  • Unleash the power of your obsession.
  • Take care of and direct your obsession to achieve your dreams.
  • Establish your brand and business and show you how to grow it into staggering heights despite all obstacles and competitors.

These goals are achieved by dividing this guide into 13 chapters that talk about: 3

  • Obsession and conventional wisdom of the average.
  • How to find your obsession.
  • How to sustain your obsession eventually.
  • Principles you’ll need in your pursuit of success.
  • Practices you’ll need to maintain and grow your obsession into a thriving, lucrative and powerful business.

My favorite parts are the chapters where he spoke about money. I loved his mindset. 2 new things I learned was:

  • It takes courage to make money.
  • Money is everywhere. My goal is to get mine. (His Mindset).  I am going to adopt this mindset.

He achieves all of his goals in this book and doesn’t disappoint.

I loved the way he achieved his 4th goal. To achieve it, he talks about:

  • His world-renowned sales knowledge and how to become a salesperson to achieve your goal.  My experience in this field is enough to tell you that the tools provided are very practical.
  • Why he doesn’t follow under – promise and over – deliver policy but rather follows over – promise, over – deliver and why you should too?
  • Why you must be a control freak?
  • How to build an obsessed team? (his hiring policy)

This book has mild research. It is strongly backed with Cardone’s experience of using these tools, and his mindset (perception). For example:  

In Chapter 2 he says:  

If knowledge is power, then the issue is that most of us are getting the wrong knowledge. He backs it by saying that people are being encouraged to be happy, and spend their lives trying to buy happiness with borrowed money they must pay off from the job they hate. How true is that!

I picked this book because I didn’t want to be average. Do you?  I was able to relate to Cardone’s story and obsession because we share 1 common goal i.e. Financial Freedom.  Ideas explained here are concise and don’t require more explanation.

The tools shared here will transform you but not all tools are easy to follow.  

For Example, in Chapter 7, he talks about moving your hometown.

Now that’s not easy advice to follow. It’s scary to move to a strange place. He says,” being the biggest fish in the smallest town is the death of your ambitions.”  It reminds me of the Bollywood movie Bazaar where Rohan Mehra’s character Rizwan Ahmed leaves Allahabad for Mumbai for his ambition to make it big. 

There are a few jargons like topline which means revenue reported in the Income Statement of a company. Other than the tools you will receive motivation, courage, and encouragement.

Grant Cardone is a Sales, Real Estate guy and a speaker with no formal degree. From a broke druggy and $40,000 in debt to the owner of 5 companies and $100 Mil sales a year. This book acts as a proof of the concepts he shared.

You might feel this book is about the tools Cardone discovered worked for him. How can they work for me? I felt the same.

For example, he says to Say Yes to New Technology (Social Media) because it supports his goals. You might not need this advice because your goal might not support it.

The point is to know what your obsession is, if you don’t, try to figure it out using Chapter 3, then filter out the tools according to your goals and use it. One thing that I felt while reading is the majority of the tools shared can be applied irrespective of what your obsession is. Only a handful might not be useful.

Overall, this is a great toolkit that will help you put your obsession to work to fight those hurdles.