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Great Unboxing Experience with Cardboard Boxes Packaging Business

Great Unboxing Experience with Cardboard Boxes Packaging Business

Thursday April 25, 2019,

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Provide a great unboxing experience has become one of the topmost concerns of cardboard packaging business. It is considered thoughtful to select such materials and packaging which delights the customers and add more value to your products. In this way, your business can create a positive first impression on the customers, which is memorable and shareable. For this, the manufacturers have to work on minute things which customers notice as they open the package. Working on touch points can set you apart from competitors. A wonderful package adds to the anticipation that what is going to be inside. Thus "unboxing" is all about excitement and attractive presentation of the item. From the past few years, unboxing has become a strong marketing tool for a number of businesses.

Why Customer Experience Matters?

Building a sustainable brand in long-term means bringing back the customers again and again. Repeated customers can spend more in your business, therefore investing in retention of customers and increasing their loyalty is worth than trying to find new ones. According to a research statistics, it has been concluded that more than 40% of the customers repeat purchase if they are provided with a premium packaging. A great unboxing experience also plays a mandatory role in increasing the interest of the customers in your brand. It makes your brand feel up-scale. As a result, customers share their unboxing experience in countless blog posts, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks. Most of these pieces of content are created by the customers themselves as an attribute to the product's packaging.

Creating a Great Unboxing Experience with Cardboard boxes

If you have cardboard boxes packaging business, it's a good chance for you to provide an interesting unboxing experience to the customers. You have to be a little creative. Analyze the nature of your product and think about what best you can do with its packaging. Work on the potential improvements you can bring with your package to deliver something extraordinary. Strategic investment in these aspects can take your brand a long way. There are unlimited options in this regard. You need not include each of it, just make a combination of few to complement your product's packaging.

  • The Box itself:

The most significant element to consider is the cardboard box itself. As it's the first thing with which the customers interact, so design it attractively. Use high-quality material to ensure maximum protection. Choose a good combination of colors, patterns, fonts, and style to create a valuable first impression on the minds of the customers. You may also work on the internal design of the box. Color it from inside or introduce a random pattern. This provides a great view as the customer opens the box.

  • Tissue Wrap:

Instead of placing the product directly inside the box, an interesting idea is to enclose it in a tissue wrap. Use a colored or a printed one as you like. This adds a "wow" factor to your packaging. Use a ribbon or a sticker to enclose it.

  • Filler and Inserts:

Although the main purpose of using filler packaging is to ensure the safety of the product in some cases, it helps in making your product more presentable. The use of Styrofoam peanuts, foam inserts, bubble wrap, and air pillows can add to the visual appeal of your packaging.


  • Branded Sticker and Custom Tape:

Stickers are versatile and inexpensive. They are multipurpose for example, a branded sticker can be used to seal your tissue wrap together or on the outside of your cardboard box to close it like that of a custom tape. Both of these can be printed in unlimited options of design or even with your brand's logo to create more recognition.

  • Promotional Material, Business Card or a Custom Note:

A business card is a cost-effective way to add a small promotional piece to your package. You may also go for a packaging slip or a card with special instructions to the customer to help the customer in getting more value out of your product. Placing a printed or a handwritten custom thank you note is also a good way to engage the customers emotionally towards your brand. Thus there are unlimited possibilities and relatively inexpensive.

  • Sample or Gift:

On the basis of customer's recent purchase or his purchase history, you can place a free sample of another product or a little gift along with the main product in your custom cardboard boxes. This fascinates the customers that they are given something complementary. This is a great way to interest their level of interest in your brand as well as a significant tactic for the company in cross-selling new products.

Great Unboxing Experience Can Do Much for Your Brand

Providing an interesting unboxing experience to the customers through your cardboard boxes by TheCustomBoxes packaging business can do much more than you can think of.

  • Tell a Story of your Brand:

If you are not making use of your brand's unboxing to the fullest, you are missing an opportunity to express yourself. Unboxing is much more than making your products presentable, rather it's about crafting a story about your brand's values. It is necessary to communicate as it helps the customers why to choose your product over others. Some of the great bran stories include; how your brand got the position where it's today, what you aim to become and what makes you different from your competitors. Providing a perfect post-sale unboxing experience is a great way to answer all these questions and show your brand's value to the customers.

  • Drives Customer Loyalty:

A great unboxing experience is the best way to drive a customer's loyalty. The last impression also matters as that of the first one. It leaves a long-lasting impact on the mind of the customers and fascinates them what next they are going to receive. You might offer an excellent product but if the customers are not happy with you, it's not possible for you to get their loyalty. Capitalizing on a unique experience can make them stuck to your brand for long.

  • Opportunity to go Viral:

When your product's unboxing is seen by a huge audience, it's worth the cost. You never regret the investment you made on creating a package. Providing a fascinating unboxing experience increase its chance to get viral and reach a number of masses. As it is an era of social technology, whatever customers get they share it on social media. As a result, your brand gets more exposure by attracting various potential customers.

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